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The Saatchi Gallery- Hosting - Middle Eastern Art

The Middle Eastern exhibition is a true insight into a diverse culture of modern via past representation of Mediterranean Art. In this show, we can see a struggle between the two representations, for a voice of reason, with that of a modern drive.

Some of the pieces' are clearly of a cultural background, ie: Sarah Rahbar - Flag 19 Memories Without Recollection 2008. A very striking display of cultural textures sown together to embrace a new twist.

Other artists such as Kadir Attia - Ghost 2007, capture the true essence of praying, covering women. Kadir Attia, marks the hidden depths of the inner self in a society of materialism.

A must see for all those who love diverse culture.

Friday, 6 March 2009

National Gallery - Hosting - Pablo Picasso

Challenging The Past ( 1881 - 1973 )

As one of the most recognized figures in the 20TH century art, Spanish born painter, sculptor and draftsman is best known for co-founding the Cubist Movement.

Pablo Picasso was a Bohemian artist who resided in Paris amongst and befriending other artists of his era, Henri Matisse being one of many, a friend and rival. :)

Pablo Picasso reflects his views of the Aristocratic Lifestyles by changing the master paintings of the past. He reflected wealth as a harsh, lifeless without color or enthusiasm; examples of this can be found in the contrasting reworking of ' Las Meninas by Velasquez ' at the prado. Extremely conflicting portrayal of the Stern inner stoneless emotions of Aristocracy

Pablo Picasso unlike many of his counterpart artists is not an easy character to depict, with a life full of complex issues often reflecting in his own unique studies.

Picasso knew he was going to leave a legacy of mystery. An example of how he viewed himself can be found in his participation of a film entitled ' Le Mystere' Picasso' or ' The Mystery of Picasso '.

A must see for those who like a challenge!

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