Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Car brands' of vintage requests', movie choice by order,the arches, water-loo rd
A new pencil-design, strong plastic encasings to secure all colour-ranges' , a excellent product to be marketed.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

To promote leo's small car service at the back of catford town .
To promote greenwhich patassiri's, sweet-cream-formage-de-du' la glace' lemo' ontra'
I will book in snow towards the end of the seasons' events to promote the Jesus natural fragrances of brands'.
0208 460 3047 ring to find out more
knk hallal butchers' 0208 852 0252 chinese', outlett a share 0208 690 0056, chicken dallas 0208 778 1345 sonali tandori 0208 851 4916, 0800 085 1831. 118 118 with thanks'.
tfc 0208 698 9890 olive store and fresh cuts', a nomadic dance unit and food outletting space a place away from the city sites, a place nearer to me. Kebab anyone, this is right next door but i'm not athome, contact my brothers of many 0208 697 1559

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sons' We dont really like this playboy attitude, but I suppose that comes with this high-life arrangement of business commercialisations'. We would of course like to see you all at home, and are not happy that our rights have been taken fromus because of the poor advices that surrounded us from the onset of your births'. You know that they held me down in one small location, where I couldnt even breathe, and that this had an effect on my weight gain that was resolved within three working months' after your births', that they knew I was able to take the pounds off fast and it was a deliberated act enduced for their own selfish ends and usedyour births as an excuse. On top of that, we have just found out that we have been tracked by Maria Hindley and Ian brady who have links into sex rings further then the uk, and the investgation is expanding on grounds of furthering knowledges'. They, meanning them, took you because they wished for a new diet plan, they didnt just take you. Oh and its not true is it. I like my new back door.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Most of this, is just part time work for other involved parties' that have placed their suggestions' of what can be done with this area. Natural Tree herbage under law or legal binding area space should be consigned to restrictive allowances'. Thus anyone buying a property under the assumption that the space area will be used for buying and retailing the product. That the houses with the remaining trees of herbages to the enheritances of land should fall under conservation acts' and that private home owners', shouldnt have been allowed to buy propeties with this land marked as productive selling and market binding conditions of lease holders' networking community of area productivities'. There to state, that there have been large damages to the market protentialities in relation to errors and misjudgements taken by freeholder coucil and givernment powers that saw it fit to take a freshhold on the land that wasnt their to begin with. Without credit they didnt see the protential and started to sell pieces of the land without just cause and or rights of ownerships' that were thereafter reprocessed after death of and or no inhabitations of people in the area that they decided to invest in afterthe war. In that, these houses' were built upon land that have growth protentials'. Under further governing powers', they need to create a law that stops people who are a small group of self residance and private owners from cutting the enheritances down. It has further impacts on the enviroment and if that isntthe tree and of utility space of production that they wised to invest in then they shouldnt have been allowed to purchase the propety and or take up residance in that property to begin with, error of unconditional circumstance should be allowed and a law past with immidiate effect. Council tennants' shouild not cut down inheritances' that are a value of property commercialisations. The valus and resource of these properties and without doube a future investment plan. Dont call the children will you, just think about the investments, ok then, I will. Nice is it. Sorry, I am busy right now, seen that I dont get to meet them anyway.
I'm still having problems with the editorial, though most if this work is ready for human consumption metaphor..
The investors done their research on this land. And that a few words' spoken in light of small talk is nothing without factual accounts of configurations that can be proven with the plans from the sawage companies' of labd registry outletts that can provide anone that has any doubts about this, to bring their lawyers forward to fight any chemical and or other dispute, that they may have in relation to this latest recount. People who own dogs' under their trees', we will say that, buyers will be prepared to uplift the trees of smaller additions' and then place them in pure waters' for a number of days to reduce bacteria, its been done by estate owners before, and they know what they are doing in relation to this, even to the point of talking about giant trees', they are not effected by this kind of pollution because they drain pure waters from the deep in depth soils'.
What kind of investments are we talking about, we are talking about gardens that host trees' of fruits' and herbages of all discriptions and more. That the investemnts would be looking at three house becoming one unit, by conjoining, thereafter the houses become expensions' of simple mini ranches for the people pf wealth who hope for a more complete, simple, easy way of life. So, is the land still viable here for fruit selling and other, after recent war pollutions', after nearly one hundred years' of water filterings, whereby the top soil still drains the effects of this kind of pollution, the pollution is small anyway as there wasnt a great attack on london anyway and then the water flows down stream drains that was created soley for this particular problem, and that all this water that filters from the soil into the drains go straight to the sawage outtlets in clapham. Where the water is then filtered again, through rocks' that natrally clean. As for the other utility design, whereby all raw sawages go, that is a different department of purifications'. Like human fecal matter and other excreaments', that work in a similar way to how juice is extracted from grapes'through filtrations'. It then follows a route into more smaller filters' that do the same effective job until the water is fit for human consumption and or bath water and or toilet waters'. This water has a small amount of harmless discriptive chemical that dissolves any harmful remaining bacterias'.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

And Muslim hands, was something that I created from a hat investment at the local small time pre-school, using one of my children as an example, and then I started to have real trouble with them after that. That hat went onto look like a tree/beach investments' with the British pound logo, and uni-ties of world people and culture of effective natures', cut and pasted onto it, by creating a simple work of mixed art.
And that Mo Peace be upon him never took another wife until Khadija, his first wife , was dead.
Bill Gates said, that he would pay half the investments of phonenix associations' who saw fit to try to purchase the estate after plans of high investments had been made from years' beforehand, to see private road closures' of secured natures to stop furthering damages to these property outletts', not much damage has been done, but seems to be something new that is on the agenda, as other investors have been left sore, with secured bars of automated services', only at the bequest of furthering contracts of associational signed papar works from himself or by himself, would then be granted, by him or private lease holders' of self property organisations', under constructions of private affairs of home and other material constructial works' to properties' in the area of locations', to enter the ' New - Residential- Freehold '.
Can I smell in spelling, and do matts', I'll let you decide.
With cherry groves, apple trees', plum trees' mint investments', potatoe investments and other goos lottment enviroments for growth works', with the plan to build three houses' in one, to create small ranches' with hut shapes for small investment recreations'. The poorer communities' will need to move because price inflations will rise so much they will not even be able to buy local milk. Have a nice day then, I might be out for dinner tonight.
Thank-you for my gifts', do you love yours'. They are from all of us, hair will have to wait another five years', how many children need a fair deal, is that three, NO, no, no, not now!!! you'll have to wait....anyway those three babies are still tiny, no wait, my brother is asking for some too, you'll all have to wait...... Its' still in repair of growth, when I have enough, to keep me in good sounding looks', and enough to go around, I'll post it. Food is on its' way, some nice home cooking for a change. Bill Gates investments', that will be a 16 million pound property that I am currently sitting on, love you.

Monday, 16 July 2012

As for my memory thats' complete, yes, your not allowed to, by intent of deliberation look and or peer into peoples windows under islamic belief. You are not allowed to put a glass and or other device upon another persons wall, unless it was suggested first and or imposed by position of degrees of propoganda behaviours of entrappments by intent., thus there is a link between these events and those events' I believe ieasha can tell you more about that yes. A man's position is classed as one degree higher then that of a ladies under islamic knowledges'. If Jesus isnt here, then when will he come. Under you, you state, we believe in Jesus, yes, Jesus our lord is going to come, clap and so forth. And then when people arrive who resemble Jesus, you say, is that Jesus, lets question him, oh no no no, thats not him, ok, lets question this guy, oh no no no, thats not him, so when is he going to arrive, never under your belief, but wait oh yes you believe in Jesus, but Jesus is never going to arrive. good night then.
Mental health team associations' for muslims' are wearing thin, its a trick played and seen time and time again.
Damascus Here we go again. Taking it upon yourselves to bomb yet another target of innocent nomadic people, its good is it.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

First we will start with the immidiate family and then we will talk about other members at a later date, but we have to issue and obtain the correct legal rights before we can move into another direction of legal rights of visits and such and such, its a long process, but when the first legal documentations are gathered, then the other required authroties of secured meetings should be straight forward. It just takes more time to establish other links' into other branches of family networks'. So we say, we start with our own children first, then work up to meet any other brothers' and or other children from other members of the in-immidiate family, taken into care, due to other circumstances' of the same effective, Maira Hindley Ian Brady vice of criminal-activities involved a a huge master-minded plot of sexual and other murder related issues'.
Or alternatively we can take it to court, I am not happy that I lost all rights of conditions to see and or have any interractions with my sons' and or in addition to the circumstane neither was told and or informed of the circumstance involved, though my husband was enlightened and had contact and continual contacts' its only fair that my sons are asking and keep asking and stating that they wish to have arranged vistis thats not hard to manage under the continuations of police interventions and security set enviroments',, that has only just been granted, in media controlled enviroments', still without direct contact. It would be nice, providing we all agree. As for four children in attandance to a higher ranking school, I neither asked for it to be allocated and or granted to me, via taht was a independant investment, if they do not wish for my youngest child to attend, in light of the circumstance if the blood tests arrangements can be given with completed evidances', then I can always educate that child at home, seen that my children are all in obtaining grade A stated values and above. Thats your own investment failures to see beyound floors of natures ways and or Allah subhannah wa ta all'al will plan as you plot and plan, no or greed,
That the four sets of twin were born in the same effective positions in sacks stated as two. That, the conditions were agreed upon by other trhen myself that all boys and or sons would go into alternative care due to the situation of the involvements of maria Hindley and Ian Brady. That the agreement was and should be upheld by courts of law to the oath of the prescribed conditions and arrangements set, that all female children would remain in my care. That the prosecution saw it fit and viable to make such a suggestion, if this is not the case that that young female child isnt infact mine. That they allowed and went on to allow the belief of, and that in this case, under discretionary laws of higher powers I am going to obtain the rights to the heel prick test of this child to see if it is a clear match with all other babies involved. If that is the case we will not sue, but will keep it a private affair and have the child handed back with discretionary conductions. And that is light under the circumstance.
Speculations only, in suggestive. That my twin, or born as a twin, it was a back to back, birth. So then the same effective births would also apply to the birth sacks of the set of four twins' that were in sacks stated and classified as two.
No I didnt munch him.
I didnt know that David was my brother.......what was he born at 2 kilos' + while I was born at 10 pounds'........10 pounds',umm, that would make us the same birth weight.

Friday, 13 July 2012

I have two mahrams'.
My brother said, I'm not allowed to sate any thanks' to the khan family in relation to the nature of events' and twists and turns of the current case hearings'. i have to immidiate mahrams' that make all the choices for me and my circumstance.
Can I please sponsor David Beckham.........for trips around the country with sponsor footballs and signatures'. He said, his too yound to retire, and we hate that bitch that made herself a sex limelight, without a second thought to the worlds circumstance, thanks for that. We thank Brother David for his hard work. Please can I also mention an upcoming fight regarding the Khan ring boxer, and their devoted efforts' and love they gave me.
We are closer then you think. I know who you are. Love you

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Could you donate to a Aids isolation unit, on railton road, london Brixton, its' a small unit for vicitms' fallen to rape and other eighties' crazed fazes' of abuses of freedom powers and liberties of youth conductions'. No pressure to raise money then. I suppose its fine that I cant even ask for new nets for my windows without pork fears' and piss touchings', seen that the shops dont know why my name comes up as in high risk protections', of undisclosed natures'. And that, Ian Brady is using everyone who is and or who resembles me as a dolly clause for image gratifications', and he is going to savour the taste, to the grave,, but thats fine, because I havent a life yeah.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It about south africa, one of our brothers was sent home after a small affair of natures', he needs' a mercy granting for being in a situation of elite sytles verses a change over of lands' that confused facts about how whites live here.
It about woody, nobody is really happy that the callers shop is there, am I the only one who invested in that shop/ Can we have the caller purchased and then crunched thereafter, the the shop owner will need compensations', can you help him.
The regina cafe//french coffee bar, wishes to host a chain of reactive old mixed with new nomadic listed buildings to create age old and young companies that are unique in taste requiements'. Can you help.......now can we have our baba ahmid back.
Please can you call out pimlico plumbers'.
Finding men known as, Nia. Or men who woprk for little money and do their work to the best of their abilities without questions'. Where did Nia go? Location, Algeria........needs support in marital ties' or business locational relocations to Britain, a hard worker who always works at his best, without failure, never asks for and or beggs'. A similar person and persons', can be supported, can you find your local Nia.
Can you support the waterloo childrens' project and playground adventure schemes' that have fallen into neglect overthe years', there are other families that rely on the support of this activity shelter, for more resource and extra family support systems of house and social needs'. Also, a family with a husband who is known for leaving his wives is in need of money, for extra living comforts, address this fund to lewisham musjid under the lady with the large brows' or famed for fighting the age of high life and beautifications'. I will leave any accusations of being some kind of beauty myself, out of this, because only Allah subhanna wa ta all'la knows whats in the hearts of people, though you continue to blame me for something and or another.
Unless stated otherwise on religous grounds' of more effective knowledges'. As for a rule on a subject matter that is the business of a husband and a wife, without a third person authorisation code of interventions', that any disputable birth of religous debatable subjects that swings in favour of natural birth means', rather then that of a fetal development out of the blood of a period, is not the case, anyway. Fetal developed babies, out of period blood, are classed as unclean, but, in effect does not mean that the baby can not be cleaned and or raised-up in a religous manner, rather it is a religous law to prevent open-sores and or weak babies'. We know what ot states about these babies' but again the translations are weak, in addition to Quranic pure recitals', and ritel is an arabic word. A Arabic word.
Mira Hindley, Ian Brady send and or small corrections that are seen as unimportant, like the Judgement decrees of Allah, subhanna wa ta All'la/ What is given is yours', and what is uncertain should be left where it is, with the correct mother.
They all know that I repressent the Maridonna in actions', deeds and charities' of major givings', this is the only religous business that I can do under the duress of Mira hindley and ian brady, they can either put my baby back or fuck off, we are not interested in slave labour, and you will be held in accounts for your actions with Allah, subhanna wa ta all'la'. I would be in effect of corrections' but you make it almost impossible in time delays and networking breechings of computer establishments to win in your favours of accounts and details'. No one can top this bill. And I have two very important mahrams' that are extremely good at what they do. Did you hear me, or do you hear me now, our rule in this land and our choices far out way something of a theft of a baby that has no rights in your hands' is going to swend you straight to hell, anyway, I had a dream ,waffia, that you had an affair with my marital spouse while I was there, and was thereafter known as a small minded person, displayed in actual body shape, of image. A punishment, of hell? This is directed at the person involved and is not ment to be offensive to any indiviual who repressents a section of disabilities and or community well-fares' schemes'./
Put that nurse under sexual offender watch, and I wish for a blood test with my repps on waffias' baby./
I have high security systems in place because of the maria hindly and ian brady case files', I have always managed, the prosecution entered my property in an illegal claim of fraud by pretence, not putting myself at risk, as I have police structures and high security because of the profile of the nature of the crimes of ian brady and maria hindly, I havent time for this, to state I can not look after my children, I have been doing well for years', and my children are all educated to the highest degrees', sitting degrees that surpass all students in their year groups, dont give me that.
There was twin sacks, the younger nurse, at irst tried to break one og teh babies-backs', I didnt say anything at the time, but at the birth, they released the second child into the care of an arab counterpart who just so happened to be an early delivery, and always the same effective shape, dont give me that rubbish, your just looking for your keys' to money funding off the state, do I owe you anything, not one drop of blood.
Before I raise any more funds for you, you need to return my other daughter. I can manage, I have always managed. Did I ask you to baby sit for her, no. Return, my quran is always finished regardless, they will kill your sons for taking this child. Its up to you.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

his not hie
Pass-time-pleasures of trusts through religous scheme to help with circumstance of death related and impositions of, the most noted crime in the history of recent criminal enterprise to date, Maria Hindly Ian Brady. Mr Robert Diamond Apart aside from: Network advance of legal aid out of mercy to community to which no advance of evidances can be confirmed through, and is only speculations of accounts'. \Bank worker of accounting costs and higher wage earner, credit a lump-sum-fee, for work that would bring in a continual rate of 2.1 billion something and or another annual accounting figure as a flat rate to earnings and profit marketing. Not a common knowledge enterprise for the middle rate worker of accounting summeries'. A sum contributed to Mr Roberts for hie hard work and donated extra hours to secure business transactions' on and in global partnerships all across the international market, not a light Job of career enterprises'. A extra figure, to help restore and plough funds of resources back into communities and or projects with racial shares', a man known for help and aid networkings'.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Design Teams for new enviroment homes' wish to ask for extra funds for their programme, under a spnsorship for children who live under the poverty line, here.

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