Monday, 29 April 2013

Daniel Montgomery

To re-open this murder case under the acclamation that when the case file was standing court, the legal adviser was'nt legally creidted to take such a case profile, causing the accused, to select inappropriate plea deals and other lesser degree legal binding contracts, that are now, under the legal eye of services , seen as miss-leading and miss-repressenting.

That the courts of law, what-ever town that maybe in, have no legal reason to with - hold this case file, as the accused has offered to under-go DNA conclusive tests' to admit the release of his standing innocent plea virdict.

There would then be no reason for the courts of law to injustly with-hold this account of criminal documentations' for re-opening.

If found to be wasting police time and to be in accounts of fraudulant statements thereafter, DNA investments', there would be no reason thereafter to hold him accountable for a life sentance, where life means life.

Two DNA testing offcials will be appointed from two different departments of legal binding contracts' whereby the evidance from  both departments have to match for a conclusive innocent release.

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