Friday, 28 September 2012

Amari Ward

A rubbish prosecutional accounting, how it was ever allowed to get to court, on such weak recollections' that stated that Amari was'nt even at the scene of the crime when the attacks' took place.

Even to state that three solid decades' of more then ten years between the accounts' have passed, including two years x 3,placing him three x ten years older, that woud dislodge any correct identity . To  embrace a identity clarification on such small fragments' of evidance is classed as complete her'sai', myth of deeding accouts', and should be thrown out of the courts', with compensations and appologies'.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Insurances of beautiful cars and other positional veichels'

Usually; most people wish to  buy and or purchase the car at its stated value, be it a small car and or expensive luxury car-discriptive, but it has been made conplusory to purchase higher renting road insurances', in attributes of death related and or other circumstances' of road rage and or accidents'.

Insurances of this particular nature ( of expence over the range and field) should be creidted at the same rate for all cars' and should only change in relation to the size, height and weight of the car, lorry and or moped. Other insurances' of prices of loads and weights should be credited on a optional bases' of circumstance in relation to high business profile job entries and other money concerns'.

It appears to have a high cost road tax inculsive programme, that isnt really an insurance figure.

Morr-Luxs'': having a new range in marketed Ferraris', see my two mahrams' of blood tie and mariage for furthering details' of  copy rights to throw a name into the market field.

Please can I remind ladies and co - workers of age related circumstance,  to go for their cancer screening tests', these test detect all kinds of bacterias' including hep,  the services are there to help YOU!, it prolongs life in general terms' of your revious activities'.
Eilliot Joahill

Caught in high rioting and  what the courts believe to be a public disorder offensive, that was programmed by the, ' Public States' of Rights' to demonstrations' in the land.

As the courts of laws', meaning the establishments', know-well, during demonstrations' of public outcries of furthering rights of land freedoms for individuals',  acting as one body, moments of irrationalities' can become scenes' of strikes that were not intended as such.

Joahill, statement of accounts through strong recollections of  events', depicking through council advice, has stated, that heated events took over his usual self control, having no previous record, this should go as a credit to his character of witness statements'.

He never intended to pick up a unidentified object that happened to be a misplaced weapon, these  actions occur during moments' of high disorders' of street riots and self body defence mechanisams'.

He states that the window of the police car appeared to be closed, or partly open by a small air gap, wih advancing technologies' of secired window fittings in such police systemic protection plans', thought that the brick would'nt have gone straight throghth the penal causing police harms of  contacts to body.

He states' that intent to harm was'nt the intent, rather just minor car damage to vent his anger and further express freedom rights'.

With this, we hope that the courts issue a warning to him in his youth, any recurring violence will incurr the sentance be reissued in full, he be made to pay a small fee and do a 18 month community service for mistake to hit, rather there was glass there, otherwise the lady would'nt have incurred glass injury and an exaggeration of mislayed information must have been given with countering police statements'.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Islamic Impressions'

Retails' for : All cultured muslims' and interested parties' of non-muslim identities', ' Making Your Oath To  God?

Heres' how ???!

Additions' include books', clothing, purfumes', retailing in, other books written by myself at the bequest of my two  mahrams', and donational links' , obtain other holy waters, your faatiha source water, as in-store for furthering details'.

Start your orders today.

It has been narrated from the Qur'aan and Ahaadith that the two most superseeding prophets' to walk the surface of the Earth, was Mohammed Ibin Qurashi, and Isa Ibin Maryam, Ibin  Daa'wood, Ibin Israeli, Ibn Soloman, |Ibn Abrah'eem, peace and blessings be upon them and their linage of Allah fearing, faith participants'.(Subhannna wa ta Al'lal)

That Isa will walk in the path of  Mohammed, ( peace and blessings be upon them both)  to call the people to worship Allah alone without partner, and will be similar in character and manners', in relation to the first man, Adam, peace and blessings be upon him and his family of faith believers', Adam the creation of Allah, and be similar to the character of Mohammed (peace and blessings' be upon him and his family of faith believers', (Sub hanna wa ta Al 'lal')

It can be narrated from the Qur'aan, that in general, most prophets' and people of High -Godly-Characters', left groups' of people, and nations', or tribes' for reasons of religous purposes', at one stage and or another, for circumstances' that would bring about a better relative call to worship, with messages' spreading wide and far through strong holds of connecting faith believers', to correct ill fate and feelings', from amongst the nations and or groups of tribes', left in a state of guilt of faith reprimandings' for wrong actions that they may have addressed and or approached that person  with, causing a fleeing of God-Fearing Reactions'.

If you are going to open your aura, in a muslim land, expect a reverse consequence.

And in the Name of Allah, Sub Hanna wa ta Al'lal, I bare your sins', as I stand representing the Mother of all believers', and dont forget it.

And that. Jonah, peace and blessing be upon him and his linage of faith believers', left his people, before his due time of effects', and that most prophets kept good time keepings' for reprimandings and furthering additional calls' of outreachings', when they left a ill fated people for a number of years' or natures', with messages of furthering effects of the call to worship still reaching them to change their ways of adaptions' and ill manners', and Allah ( Sub hanna wa ta Al'lal) knows' best.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

As for my sons', you raise them as you please? ££, was that pounds or dollars, dont  you know, maybe your accountant will reinburst you, and dont you ever forget it, taking all my rights away, and thats' fine is it?

I have paid in full amounts plus.......more then all other mother on  Earth and dont forget it.
Others would say that Mohammed, Isa peace and blessings be upin them and their family plus,  and other prophets' have returned in a recount, and that I am the mother of all belivers', find out more?, I still dont know, I havent been told yet.

Though shahadas' were established from three years plus, and Allah Sub hanna wa ta Al'lal (two for accounting), knows' best.

It is with frustration that the edit service has been removed, I sometimes have to speed-write-documentations', that further puts' myself at a disadvantage , with children to care for, it  is uncomfortable to write with ease, and corrective-skills',  with any kind of small editor, can be re-corrected later in the day or later in  the week.

I am sick of the pressures from the school in relation to my case file documentations', the coverage has been released to staff as to my circumstance and that iIshouldnt have been allowed to have a computer, only that I am allowed to  use my own legal service to take and or propose actions' against any opposing bodies and or parties', that threaten my family with actions that are only in the interests of themselves'.

Rather, the pressures from the local school, with comtinuational-assaults' of provocative natures', it has arisen that even after the case exposed of  the sensitive nature of witness protections' due to theIan Brady Mira Hindly case files', after the school had selected  my house for socil service invoice, that was far to extensive  and prolonged for the  stupied circumstance of a call out that was neither approriate and or called for. Rather they took my accounts from private documentations that needed a warrent for search purposes'.

This is another legal binding issue that I can address if I decide to take legal actions'.

I have two mahrams', as I stated before, dealing with my accounts', my husband and brother by blood ties' of birth.

As for my sons',  I love them regardless of the situation, and hope that they adhere to faith values in time.

Employment of evident, and fast dismissels of sex workers' at the local pre school, other staff members and parents have contracted similar effective symptoms'. A ploy to stop furthering investments' and educational programmes'  from the 'New-Upper -Academy'.

They, meaning higher powers, infected me with the black death, to see if i was of prophet natures:

How to cup the black death?

Behind the ear, take any spot, and bleed it, this will remove the arm and skin infection, from either side.

Cup the burning infection of boiling hep water from the brain through a small cupping through the upper-nose, only cupping skin deep, bleed untill red blood is evident.

Bleed the lip infections through the chin, there are small veins that allow the infection to filter down, bleed it with pinchings' using finger hand techniques'.

Cupping through the tummy button, is drainage and not and drying, and nothing more, the same as, the bottm area if it becomes' infected.

Imams' can issue this cupping process', but at the risk of each individual.

Treatment, if you live with this condition, you can live for up to three months', a further three  years' of your life can be extended by 60 years'.

Having treatment, 70 % life saving, 30% falls'-short and can result in immidiate death.

This is a disorder that can kill, hundreds of thousands of people died from this infection in the 16 th century, as well as the 18th century yet again, and I really could have died at the result of these selfish people.

Treatment is at your own risk, some Imams' will not issue this treatment as it puts them at risk as well as their families, and somed ask for big coins in exchang for this ife saving and highly infecting disorder, at your own risk. thanks again for sch a welcome/
New posts', in my journey through islam.
Can I please promote levi roots' Reggai Source

Monday, 24 September 2012

Of course, suggesting without money, without computer networks and furthering friends' of bigger extreme powers that I struck up war on america, well I think that the blog entries hold the keys to my own personal rights and freedoms to articulate.

On that note, I was on my own in isolation, when those strikes happened.
I would like to write about the Hindo Invasion of Great Britain, France, and America.

It is with an SOS message that the Hindo population are planing a seige on France, Great Britain, and America!

In that , their faith community have taken 50% of all allocated businesses', acrss the three nations', they are not investing in their own poor communties of country files of plans and nature regrowth of wealth and orphans', rather they are wealth accumalating every pence, ready for three generations' of the black-death, weight problematics of the last two generations' of range age otherein 30 years to 50 years and old age range from 60 to 80 years, all dying within the next 10 to 20 years' at estimated statistics, at a national rate of  more then 60% and more plus other, of the over-all population across these three countering countries', in that, the Hindos' are planning to invest all their earnnnings of national savings to invest in higher gaining properties and the free property market of rights to obtain houses and deeds without even spending  on ownerships'.

Correct me if I am wrong, but  they own 50% of the national business without funding their own poor, whereby we are asked on a continual bases to give money to the helpless women who are having twenty babies per family, who are comsumming over 2000 years worth of food in one unit of family, per family. Thats' alot of free aid from us...This will induce an influx of Hindo migrants who are awaiting to take over all the empty houses of death related disorders' and more.

So what are they doing with all their weath accumalations of funds'?

I believe it is some kind of revenge tactic on the west for the Muslim ,Britiah and Soth African colinisation of India.

This renvenge tactic out weighs all previous war invasions.

Suggesting war on areas of high birth rates' and poverty lines' is not my Job, rather, it has been suggested that, all countries have been hit by war vices because of population growth, without restictments'. There are some muslims that live amoung these people, it is with advice that we pull them out.

Muslims are own for their ability to genrate wealth enough to fees their own families', restrict birth rates' when not affordable, give huge amounts of aid and charity  for people who have been inflicted with greator national problematics' from other faith communities'.

Turkish Muslims' are extreme business people, and you will  see them investing in all communites that
  live amoungst.

Monday, 3 September 2012

How to create a connective-space-suspension-bridge:

First you have to create bases around the world, building up a level of platforms with connective tube fittings', to be able to create a suspebsion space bridge  to another possible planet, you have to be able to re-align the levels' with spaces of vaccums between each platform to secure the levels from breaching  gravity or gravitational force, it is possible to create enviromental platforms  around the world, to meet atmospheric pressures', that would then go onto create a upper base for a connective space bridge.

How to create a connective space bridge, it would be a project of connective reinforced space optic materials', that would slot together in rounding rings of rubic cube lockings' to create a bridge that would have shut down points' and vaccums' with mini space outletts that stem downwards' to connect and reinforce   bends and or weakpoints' in the design, once across you would then be looking at claw points of rope extended power points to grip to surface points  of hard mountain positions'.

To get back you would send a small flight craft  down the locking system with an altimated programmed position.

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