Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I will be doing the same with all notes in relation to the British Empire
I will be making a total recall on all coins with the former queens head and will be replacing them with colour brands of similar effect. I will be issuing the isf, the international systemic force its new name, anyone who wishes to stay will stay and those who wish to leave can leave.
There is at the moment a aids-death-related-outbreak,with numbers reaching high levels', I will advise the freezing of these bodies', and a sand dune burial whereby the degrees reaches in the 50's and with this bacterial out-breaks' are reduced or even left without a trace, it is for hygene purposes', can the burials' be deep engraved to lesson becterias'. Also the numbers will be high, anywhere from now to another 10 year period with continuational death. Also, we understand that america as deep water out-breaks' and are in the middle of a danger zone, we will be doing what we can.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

The octopusrepressentstheeighthislamicstarandtheeternalregrowthofreproductivecellsexclusiveforthepeoplewhoareabletoobtaingiantsizesofoldagetraditions',aeternalabodeoflifeonearthuntillthedevinedecree. Also,ithasbeensuggestedthatJesusandortherepressentingexcellencehappenstobeugly, becauseofaskingforsnow,since when,Ithoughtsnowwasasourceofearths conditionalstatearesourceofnaturesreserves',wrapupwarmwemightbeindoracoldwinter,forcooperativeoldpeopleorderingnewblankets'andjumpersforthosewhowishtohelpbutfeardeathofthecold. Also, Iamreleasingfundstomyprotectivearms'.

Friday, 26 October 2012

The chalice de ladelicate came up as thefishandstandwithprintofoctopusofwhatIbelievetohavebeenagoldprint,why doIsaythis,becauseihadadreamaboutthisalongwithqurannicscripts'andwewillputagoldandblackchalicewiththiscoolingcookingsetforfishandsaythattheybothbelongtoJesus.peacebeuponhim samakwnasokridjwiqrasamakharram,birr d jammahmutbukhhallalwmakesskiffkiffaswadnanraruhrasikmakesskesskiffkiffqulicanaantoniisahorkfydeklbytshovthatahta,c chalicedeladelicate andinamuseumisthesameitemthatbelongswiththisset.
thechalicerepressentedhischaracterasdoesthecupofmohammedrepressenthischaracterandthatthetwocupswerehosts'forde vinesharingofblessedwaterswithinspirationalrevelationsvvvvvvvvsetovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
The Church has asked that I place a sanction on the shroud of Jesus, that it is a religous stain of the figure of Christ, that items of such values' should only be passed to the most trustworthy of all religous orthodox doctrines' of codes of selective orders', whereby they have had years of educated natures or have been a character of God Fearing and studies of natures', from youth. What is the chalice of Jesus? Jesuses chalice isdifferentfrommohammeds'cup,ithostsadelicatenatureafragrancethatrepressentedthecharaterofthemanhimself

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

If you must know I was wondering id arabia recieved sex xhannelss' and thereafter why would they be viewing such items', just out od interest, while I was there.

And that I was amazed that they could recieve up to TWENTY.
Though I do plan to read it, at some point and or another.

Can I issue a small fund to mit'chell for a small fund to promote home issued french books'.
Can I promote one book
the elluminatai de la  seal mohammed

that     means or meaning

Tafseer or a deeper understanding of :
Messenger was discribed as having a inner light as bright as the moon redlecting uponn the outter aura of his face, and the character of the seal of the messenger, of what I have never read, rather, my character has always been similar.
Stationary shops'

Issue stationary bins
for   recycles' of pencils'
pens and have two
for the pickups'
its a buisness
scheme already
mentioned before,
copy righted      to the

authorisatiional code
release for all
bussiness              suggestions

For every photo card return, the DVLA will reduce the payment   fee of  renewals' by £5.00.

The passport offices and other
vocational diposits' of insurances'
of certificates can do or follow
the same course of actions'.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sorry, can I state that again, it is a return, not something huge, just something delicate and expensive from some of the funds' for chairty to victim support units' that are dealing with our case files'.

It may mean little to us because of our culture, or my culture in relation to pictorial images', and a chain of rememberance, but to understand the decrees of anothers' religous values' and the loss of life of what  they experienced at the hands of the pressures of the associations' to why so many of us, of what I believe to be,  are in wittness protections'.

It is the least that I can do.

Please release the authorisation for the funds to be cleared.

Thank you.

Oh I am not stating that the associations do not even need to look at my business plans and or act on them, they are just mere comments', what you do with them is your choice.

I am a muslim, I value my religous beliefs' and I pray everyday.

I do not wish to marry again or have any more pressures from you and or any of these associations that may dispute my religous values' thats in the hand sof Allah sub hanna wa ta al'lal, to decide the fate of my destinations', I am a virgin under the laws of the land by all concepts as explained that gives' me clear rein.

Oh yes , I am thinking about starting a new life, without my computer, did you get your answers that you was looking for? Did you take your usry, and trusts'? 

Did you make illegal entries' and demands', remember I never asked you to put in by fraud of intent an illegal door to view that goods that are not yours to view, and anyway, you claim your part muslim, its haram for you anyway, on both counts', and to spy in and or on walls'.

But that doesnt matter, because your claim to isaism hasnt that been overthrone, has it, I say, saa'castic( I, suggestive) Facts proven.

I am not interested in taking the money, rather it is for fallen children and or orphans and others' with links into other poor communities', dont be silly all of these plans are just for me.

Does layla live here, no layla doesnt live here, I just cleaned her through a tax rebba issue.

Please can I rehouse one christian x prostitute, arrange a marriage of mixed natures', and pay for a new car and the rights of licence for her from my dues'.

Please can I issue the most expensive saint christopher chain, with sympothies' from a loss never forgotten

Your love
and have it delivered with other gifts to the association of links'.

As for the other child who was murdered, I already paid my dues and still am paying my dues', a life for a life.

Fy rasulet wa arabia belad, wa mohada fy dekil ana
belad laila nassarat, wa naasreen muslimeen', unbad imam nahnu fy dunya fy haya mohada dekil fy belad, qulic ana reeba dues', fy qulic hallal tahta islamia sharia.
I would like the funds released under my authorisation already stated to and above my direct order of control.
I give my authorisation for the above  funds to be released under the conditions already stated previously.
NHS reforms in America


Each patient who is of working age, from every family, will be issued  two choice contracts with the state consitution of hospitals'.

The first issued contract will be 8.5% of each  persons' wage annual wage, will go to hospital bills for the whole family, that will bring in 17% of what is the normal tax reinburstments for the nhs for one british person from all walks, in that, there will be a tax rise of 1% every year untill everyone adjusts to the new reforms'.

Thereafter that one percent will be ploughed back into other failing hospitals', that will then be able to purchase upgrades', that will be be able to issue nhs healthcarecontracts to other cities that need upgrades too.

Its not hard, you just have to have people willing to make reinvestments for their own healthcare and families healthcare.

It will be opt in and opt out, because of the racial tensions in some states'.

I would like to endorse rebecca from my links', into disney cartures',of small line works' for sale of, a 10% to disney for a new production line.

Of card endorsements' paper line works', and childrens small cartoons of simple based works'.

In that, she will make a huge sum of money, on a 10%, if thats not good enough for her, then she will not find a better deal again, though she can try.

I would like to have a postal order of gifts and reinburstments to the cambridge arms in kingston for help and aid to protectors' of oth.

For the second contract will be for non payment and billing on demand.

we will issue, high mixed racial areas' of community hospitals these contracts'.

Can I endorse a rebba return for one Irish Middle Aged Man, who can not sleep, for some apartment blinds of his choice, for the value of  £500. pounds and no more.
I am going to be endorsing al'aska for the same programme, I will be issuing mr cricket a move there, with a model for life marrage of his choice.

I will be endorsing Hallal Hot Pat'ia Sausages, with rolls to match at the same market value, for both cities'. I will be endorsing both men and models', with a startup business package of the same value, with the same net returns'.

For both cheap good food, and market choice favour.

Can I endorse America with English/British Custard for their cold weather seasons', really deilicous with English Muffins', can I endorse this at the same rate, as my Muffin offer, yes i can, you are going, cargo.

Friday, 19 October 2012

And the rebba repayment is just a day out, with candy, rocks of sweet natures' and seaside fish and chips', its a simple true debt that I owe.

I have to endorse the car and fee for the day.

Do I look like I am justing about a rebba that they have asked for in the land.

And no one can do this rebba repayment to this extent, and to fall into islamic injuctions to the nearest that anyone could ever make it.

Good Night

Could I endorse two  prostitutes' from anywhere outside the folds of Islam, as part of my dues', for beautificational products just before their burial.

Can I also endorse two prostitutes' from arabia for burial, with purifications of al wudo and a islamic burial.

Can I also endorse two prostitues from anywhere outside the folds of islam, as long as they are willing, as part of mu dues', for islamic wash and burial before they die.

Can I also do the same for two men of the same natures'.

Can I as part of my dues', enrich a trip for a muslim family and mixed race marriage, leaving the daughter and baby at home for a whole day, whereby they can have money for rocks and chips' and so forth.

Its a dues'.

B qulic arabia fy hada quran, w nassr w nassret, qulic ana, ana attoni untia reeba fy dekl fy bayt w qulic w annoi L an. Ana qulic, haki, bfy  reeba.

W ana thkr nahnu reeba dahraam w fy hya, ana b atooni aroh fy ant w auntia fy rebba.

Can I endorse a six month night club excursion for

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Could I endorse them to have their hair done once a week untill they die.

Can I endorse, once arab man from algeria for a cup of coffee for five years and a snack for the period of five years' for the afternoon of, and or after work.
Can I endorse kiosks and drinks machines for the musjid on 35% going to the investor.

Can I please endorse one child from a family from the church of england for a bath system.

Can I please endorse one mother and ine daughter, who disagree to agree, a daily cleaner untill the mother of the daughter from a english heritage dies'.

Could I endorse a bathing and water system from a back log of time passages the yorlshire dales' a bathing and water system as part of a dues.

Could I please do the same for one wealthy arab family that can not afford to pay for a small water system of normal standards'.

Could I endorse a turkish actor for some set programmic issues', for the number of ten years', and then have each issue sent to one muslim boy for collections', who lives in a area that has racial problematics'.

Could I endorse a segragational marriage, whereby all the female guests' are decorated with henna.

Could I buy two young prostitutes', from arabia, algeria, two men of equal appearances to that of my chosen spouse, and could I buy for them each a house the value of the houses that I invested in.

Could I buy them a family equal to that of what I was sanctioned under my dues',to live next to them, could I endorse each wife with a holiday to the nomadic lands within algeria, once every year in the hot season for a break and vacation.

Could I pay for them to hair their hair done, once every five years'. untill hey die.

I will not be endorsing any of the books that have already gone out, rather I will be working on another addition as there are already plans in process for these works'.

I will start a new set, after I finish this set, for her own endorsements' of support, its a dues'.

I will be endorsing one lady with a new carpet for tread marks and stains', for the value of 1500 pounds'.

I will be issuing one mix raced lady with the number of six husbands and counting , for a issuing of a re run of the seerah, providing 50% of the funds go back into the muslim community, 25% goes back to the black community of poor areas and the rest is reinburstments for my fitna in relation to her, for herself and her family needs'.      

I will be sending one icecream and a family box of cheese dips' to her, with apologies'.

One pound a week for one irish older man untill his  death, thereafter the payment is clear.

Please can I give one pound a week to one Irish Catholic for a dues repayment.

Ana Atonie whad dhram, sabha alium, bfy Irish raglun brana reeba muhada duka L 'an.

Please can I re-release all the proj
ect funds' apart from the last stated
terms', I will not be giving the old
victoria any funds'.

Just take it for free then, after years
of attacks', no.

I will be endorsing the catholics'
and the disabled, there will be
reductions' of the amounts given
and there will be carefull graphing
of statistics'.

Any instabilities and or growth
thereafter, will see another drop in

I will be releasing the money for
the police services for new uniform
s' gloves and extra protective
hygene garments

Their health is at continuational

I will be endorsing hygene
inner lays', up to the neck,

White wet suit under lays'.
I will endorse special-police-servicing-vans for
everyday spary downs of this
under garment.

I will be endorsing new helmets'
with inner mask filters'.

Can I endorse, two white artists',
Twins' from 1999, 2000
Camberwell college of arts'
for art work, can I do the same for
one mix raced lady who knitts hand garments',

Can I do the same for one mixed
race man, who was preparing for
a art degree, who likes'

Can I endorse two twins who
put their lives in the music industry

can I endorse another set of twins'
who are popular from another
attending college, for extra support
in start up buisness

Can I endorse
big sister chinese and little sister chinese

for carpet weaving

can I endorse

one dusty very dark skinned
african for graphic design work

Can I endorse a older male, dusty
skinned male, for a baseball
providing he issues
an official appologie to my legal teams
and aid workers', for a public assault
we will issue a mercy reprieve.

Considering I am Queen over King
King over Queen.

There is only one mercy.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

If however, there is a rise in the number of birth defects', pilling overtakes' in pregnancies, suicides' while having high levels of family numbers', and other huge perpetrations' of the donational care system, I will not think twice about withdrewing these funds' again.

We have insured a national grid for the disabled, over the last twelve years', we noted a huge drop in the number of birth defects' and other disabilities and suicudes and not to mention others', besides' these effects', that included on average 35% of  each department was fraud by intent of slaughter to disable.

If we note, the rise of the balance or anywhere similar to that effect, again, I will order the funds to be stopped immidiately.

I might even consider a reduction of funds for these communities', as they were able to live on continual care trust funds from other sources for such a long period of extent by seventeen years'.

Thats along time, to survice on public funds' that were distributed since the implimentation of the funding laws'.

And still yet, the hospitals' and schools and other departments were running attacks of high levels' using up more of their funds that I was issuing to them, and they contiuued to slaughter my community.

To beg for these unconditional service programmes', no I think after all these perpetrations' from both the victorian era and credited catholic community I might seek advices', hold that, untill further notice, there was attempts om my life and my childrens lives' and my husbands' life.

Credited by the queen/king (meaning I myself ) and my husband king/queen (and I, meaning himself)
This will include people from all walks of life, from disabled backgrounds', and that it will be better for you that you waited, so that, so many other people could have rest-bite, then a warrent for more issuing funds for other items like buses' and small time trips'.

You will be allocated your funds' for your renewings'.

I give my authorisational code name as stated and given previously to release their additional rights'.

Please can my national security release the money  funds' for the catholic community and the paraplegic, the usual amount of their annual fee.

Now I know its' been some years', and that they had a reserve fund that they was feeding from, from previous investments and nice donations from I, the king, myself.

I will not be re-crediting their lost revenue, however, I will be allowing the annual fee to be renewed every year with the houses of parliments if I choose to reinstate them at the turn of the new renewing annual year of their rights and the peoples rights to vote.

I will be giving cuts' and shares' from the tax accumalations' from this fund, and the money that wasnt used and utilised from the last past 12 years', will be out back into the olympic projects and special trips across america for families that need huge rest-bite.
Just to inform you, that I and my husband consumated my virginity once again, by fusing my two orgasims' of outter and inner, together for the first time, that then thereafter caused me to have slight vein bleeding.

And that I am still a virgin, just to be clear.

For the Muffins' in Canada, after you make 100% profit for reintroductions of new business productives', I will be asking for a return of 50%, back to the Queen/King (meaning I myself) The British Empire.

Please can I, reinbust the old victoria rein, with 50% of the profits of the victorian sponges' to sustain some more of their economical situation.

The fact of the matter is, that the old victoria was a direct threat to the regal monarch and opposed the values of the authentic reining monarch of the regel asscending powers'.

Their values decreased, and continued to decrease  , they set powers of other forces to keep the descending reins to the throne of the British empire down through other media out-letts', there is no reason to believe that this will not happen again, if I was to give them a very big portion of the profits' of income and sustainabilities' from the victorian funds' of the cake industry.

At the moment they recieve nothing I believe.

I will give the old victoria 8.50% of the profits' to sustain their elderly and some of their youth in private educations and some upgrades'. You must take into account that they held the reining monarch down, causing lots of problematics' of what included rampant sex play.

I will only give 8.50% of the annual profits of ONLY the VIctorian sponages'. That might seem like a very little sum of money, when infact that is a huge shae in my annual business.
Can I also inform you, the reporter, that my hair is not one stated colour, actually it changes with seasonal weather, and rather I was speaking in general terminologies' to a person and or persons' whereby the islam was weak and or weaker at the time of the review of charactership of appeared to be weaker from visual sight from outside the home, and Allah knows' best the langauge the people understand today.

However, they person and or persons involved in this dispute, didnt state, well you know I am versed in Quran, and I have power links to send you and or try to send you down for being a person and or personaility that has appeared to state the taking off of the Hejab.

When infact it was a related talk, of, I can Identify with you, to nehance mutual understandings and relieve added circumstance of racial hate and or bitter conquesting of small towns concepts of the wider picture of the worldly and or city-scape intergrations, a betterment of school address, at that time.

Of course, one is to state, that the other person, used her intent to cause a voilent attack on my credits of charactership/
Please can I give one gift of a postal-order of ten pounds' and forty two pence, to one Catholic and one Christian youth, who has reached the age of sixteen, and then can I do the same for two older men from  the same group.

Can I release 0.05% from the red box, to go back into catalog distributions', send it to my usual employment team as a whole fund, you'll find it will be a nice sum to carry you, and then cut it into equal portions' for sustainabilities'.

If you wish for  0.010% then we will be asking for 20 pages' of women and mens sectional pages' for muslim contents'.

Its your choice and all the faith groups', or the majority of the faith groups have to agree, meaning this, from other blog entries, as well.

Christian, Counterpart, to them, and such and such.
Do the same for all major recognised faith groups'.
All faith goups' would have to be willing to participate in this, as for religous orders of sanctions under international laws'  cutting my body while in a state of the bodies death, is illegal.

Take two left eyes' from, people who will sign this agreement, from two muslim grown men, and place them in  the hand of the left side of one Chritian dead man and have that person thereafter placed in their graves' under their requests' , without anyharm coming ti with in relation harms attack on the eyesight of the muslim couterpart.

Do the same for a catholic man and two muslim men.

Do the same thereafter, for the women.

And do the same thereafter from two childern from the same groups of people.

And do the same for two babies under the age of one year.

Its a dues'.

W ana tqwa Allah sub hann wa ta Al'lal

though I might still be dela craze.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

About the Matrix, we will be endorsing it as well.

The fact of the matter is, that there are hundreds of films', and that faith people and other people need to know about the realities of the world, and that of parents who dont wish for their children and or youth to see such movies', then there are guidelines' and small print, and age restrictions clearly outlined , for a pre noted caution.

If parents fail to read their issues of viewings' for children that are left at home thats their own failings'.

We will be endorsing these films', with age related and restrictions', as prescribed under the authorities; of the land, however, if the parents' havent a problem, and they are good normal and strong minded career and or disabled units', then the risks are their own, with consents'.
We are going to do a six week inclusive Canada, American, ending in rio olympic tour.

We are going to cover Canadian History and the Civil War themes', we will send the maps of ryon there to fuse the youth, we will end them down to America Disney with the star wars trilogies', new improved lara croft films and brad pitt allocations' of the space station suggestions' on the outskirts of the solor system, we will include red dwraf and other space navagation films', we will do this for people who have mental disabilities' and like repeated behaviours', or have only one way or programmic mind set, and Allah sub hanna wa ta alla' knows' best, we will host golf olympics as suggested with a  green areas' inclusive with brass tapped plates' and benches' with every name of the dead, that died on sep the 11th, with 30 % going back to victim support and other accidental death and or other by vocational career and such. Once the olympics' is over we will host courses for the youth, to get them off the streets', so we will combined it with how the city scape looks' with rough areas and good areas' combined.

We could have the 11 back in, as suggested in a different plot with : Inscriptions of: British Empire Sympathies'.

This tour will be inclusive for those that can afford it or special tourist trades and hardship grants given to those with extra disbilities that resticts visions' and  their disability is only kind of film related and or computer based autisams'.

Includes other disabilities', we will be endorsing disney princesses for   disabled female children and normal children alike with the usual themes', with suggested up-grades'.

We will end it with the on route tour taking us through to rio-mexico.

I think that covers the American Olympics'.
For old mexico, we are going to have new cinemas' for old films', with rescreenings of mega features', we will pay for the films to be washed and cleaned through photogenic special effects', departments'.

We will have special dresses' allocated to older ladies' for the tourist trade, who fell in love with the nomadic looks of mexican women.
We are going to have two, we are going to have old mexico, and noon show downs' and ghoast towns, and we are going to have new mexico, street life gettos' for the two generations of disputed views'.
We will be endorsing gitto tours' of areas for youth who we will train as actors to show the tourists' how street life is, we will have a whole one acre investment of the most worst place, where people have moved out and looks like it needs investments', we will reserve this for the actors community for a live tourist show.
3: We will be sponsoring Mexican Rodia' for reinburstments', we will be asking that they create two week courses' for youths' and other tourists' to learn how to ride a wild beast, at their own risks of injury.

We will be endorsing rough postcard images of  nomadic cultures' and other small take home items of the same effect.

Catures for tourisms are always a money wamking investment, to support a poor artist, with new clothes and a pitch, working space, in a prime spot with a 50% reinburstment for investments', we will support  ten.
1.Mexico catheral needs to be cleaned, we will employ a few number of men for a wage to clean it, with a share of half their wage for any boys and youth, who wish to participate at their and their families  own risks of accidential injury and or other, first you work, at a cheap rate, then we will create a economy that will secure other jobs and peoples' revisits to the country for years to come.
Project number two


1: We will not be advertising cheap hoildays to Mexico, rather we will be looking at exclusive business and family tours', with reductions depending on circumstance .
Can I ask that a 20 pence and 42 pence, of what then equals' 62 pence of what 42 pence is a tax return and rebba issue, that has been demanded by the claims over my persons', then be returned to one Christian person.

All of the project fundings will be released when and where it is needed.

Pub and Musjid plans' will be devided into sub-catogories':

This will mean, that where there is more, muslim, cristian, catholic and hebrew communities' we will be looking for the exchange of business out-letts' because the trade will become too slim for reinbustments of investments', however where there is growth in rurial towns', farm land hard workship and other inner city towns', whereby the same effects of trade need to have pub out-letts', then rein-burstments' and on tours' for the next olympic games will go ahead as planned.

The funds' for tax accountant payments need to be released to our emplyment staff, and for all their hard work counting pennies' to make sure inner theft  isnt rampant they will get added over time and other credits' of secured natures', as there isnt many people advanced in maths and mathmatical reviews' of spread sheets' and other money funds from all business trades that need to be secured for all nations' of international concerns', state well-cares'.

The money that I ask for in address to my two mahrams', one by blood tie and the other by marital tie, will be released with immidiate effect for the investments of gains already, they will then be given authorisations to do what other investments that are needed for smaller businesses' that go unnoted by the higher controls of my employment team, and or family sustainabilities' and credits' that were withheld untill this time of authorisational code name, as stated previous the above title of, as set with inner force of police natures' and such and such.
How to support all the pro

you have to take funds from each venture that had been a success and then plough them back into the next projects', only a small amount like five % would be needed to be able to fees' all the work programmes'.

3% each, with other credited funds fron this going to chairty supports and extra fund for projects that might be failing because of the lack of investments', so we do need this credit.

Even to the effect of, after the employment the cash allocations to my two mahrams' one by blood tie and the other by marital tie, will be credited to some other charities'  and pending conditions', as well as our own self suppoet from our new annual income.

That is the smallest amount of  intake from non religous ventures' that we ask for,taking into considerations that work programmes have been set into place for the next hundred years', as an insurance for world poverties'.

Considering the scale of the employment, and the amount of money raised for the support of the well-care of the worlds children, that is really nothing, can the funds be released with immidiate effect.

We also send flowers' and cards and health care reinburstments' of private funds to the latest race victim attack.

Of course, if this happens' in continuation for money deposits we will withdrew this fund consequence.
For all the work programmes and charity and work programmes'.

Our two families of supporting networks' for children that need to be fed and clothed

We ask for a disributional fund of
three % fund to go back to us from
that is not pure islamic based
from this we will support 1% each,
from other inflicting lands
that havent been recalled
for imputs of charity help.
Please can I endorse holltwood studios with new lightening systems' fo rproductions', and  new camara requirements', taking a 50% from every production as to support special effects funding, to go back into the national funds of the red box.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Its peoples' constitutional rites', par'don, je'm appelle habit'at//; nau'velle//; coun'ter activ'ie programmic problemt'er employ'ment villa, petit flo'use'

Or Sah' mus'tqeem, sura'til, smahli, ana haya nanra' huq', wa ajarrie jannah wash kann mohada wa mina, umbad qulic, laila, mohada wa haya fy jannah wa mina. Wa Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him a nd his family plus, wa min feldose wa arabia. Haqie' wa european baiya fy gawid, umbad fy belacol krusi bayat, nahnu muslimeens' was fard reba alwa/
Can I please send hair combs' to the elderly, from the Irish, Christian and catholic communities' that have no families to endorse funds for them.

Could I send sweets' boiled and soft chews' to the same members of the above.

Could I endorse a pet day care unit for them, whereby once a month the elderly allowed to care for and visit animals that can not be housed, with tags and sponsor  stickers',

Could I do the same of childern in foster homes', only applie to residance who do not have any reactions to any of the above.

In return, for every pet sold through  staff contects of empathies' can go back to sustaining the programme, and reinbursting the investments'.

Please can I endorse a contract for bus and coaches in operations under the British Occupations' of America's district and area codes', to endorse these coaches with dark window panels to stop racial attacks and other aggressions', on multi lectual thinking and participations'.

We will recall all the glass window panels for reinvestments'  for other British projects' for a price of no value.

If other american states wish to participate we will be asking for a 10% reinburstment for loads', weights' and distributions' across water transits'.

This is going to cost.... so I would take the offer up if you experience troubles'.
Cheap British Biscuits'

Please could I send scottland the cheapest brands of Britis biscuits', I will go 42% to them as a business venture of profitts for the state of their peoples' conditions', and take 58% for British production lines', for the time and effort and other troubles that they have continually caused me.
We have been through this before, that scottland can not have independance from Greater Britain because we have their residances' of national people living under Greater London and England and Wales' and other cities of Greater Britain, and the British Empire.

However, I can take control of everything i ncluding  the houses' of parliments' have my own residances' of scottish hands' from the community based action programmes we have established here, and seize complete control, with issues of people rights of activisms as well.
Mr Rodger's has no family out there, and he takes' the manhadj of manners' to the off shore coasts' of canada, to help children who are in a dire need of race relations lectures of standards' of help and issues of history educations', in a rehabillitation programme for the youth.
Please can I endorse canda with a huge thankyou to the constitutional state for the protection schemes that they have hosted our brothers with. Can I send to them British Muffins' with a 20% return for hosting  prisoners of war too, thank you.

Can I congratulate the newly wed couple, that landed me a huge mess' and have sent to them home welcoming gifts to canada.

Can the authorisational code name of the above, previously explained person be released for the above actions' of credits', thank you.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Try to keep violence down, a demanded tax return is still due, though you venture on riots and other altercations by your own vice to voice the protest.
Can  I promote catch phrases of products', such as pringles that have combined health warnings, yes, thats allowed.

Can I promote laituere, with and without burnt caramel.

Can I have some donations sent to several areas' out of the investment plans', with the same procedure as before.

Any public house in Brixton titled Jamie and Friends stol holder traders'.

Any public house in Peckham titled Patricia and Barbara

Any public house in camberwell titled Timmy and Fiona.

Any public house in brighton titled tracey and the gambler.

Is it all about work, well it depends on what your sence of reality is.

Goodnight sons'.

Can  I promote stair gates for children, vital for safe up-brinnings'.

Can I suggest to Jesus follows' of Qurannic Values', that the mental health people have suggested on taking me down with immidiate effect, if I refuse to take medications that,  by the way, host crack cocaine, to make me feel more normal.

What are you going to do about that?

Can I support one British man as part of my tax return repayment, for private health care for dietbetes and can I support one British woman for the same treatment for two life spans'.

Mantal Health Act:

Note to Houses of Parliments', I have the right to seize all of your powers of controls' next annual year, when you take it throuh your oth to  the standing Queen,King and I (meaning myself) of all British Empires'

Constitutional Rights': Houses of parliments'

Mental Health Act:

Requesting a demand for peoples' rights' to humanity, and fair trails' of mental capacities' to be brought through the courts of law, for any pending situations' involving mental health, councilings and other forms of neurological exams of doctorates rights of controls', that are of bias standards' with known klan members' involved in atributes of planning extreme confinements of people to mental hospital wards', without the rights to bring their cases forward into the hands of the custodian courts of laws and justice systems that work for the better of the people, whereby the courts of law, have members of racial links of cultural standards to depick case requirements of illnesses' that fall into and or constitue a prolonged stay in mental refinements' or a aqquital

To be implimented with immidiate effect.

Please can I promote cyprus pork as a rebba demand from the christians' and catholics', for their pizza outtletts' of franchise, whereby they dont buy pork from other retailers' of european - cash and carry-sources' and or american or other -sources', because of fractional disputes' over the rights of purchase because of demands for produce from other market pizza'rettes' within their continents', there has been blood shed over business markets within lands such as the above, and they have turned to us for trusts' of purchase and other protections'.

All business outtletts of productions have to be taken through both my mahrams one by blood tie and the other  by marital tie.

We ask for 40%, due to extreme circumstance of conditions', the care and attendance that the muslim have to put into animals that are haram for us to barter in and that this money should only be utilised into establishing aother business outtlett that can convert the cash into hallal money funds' so that 10% of that thereafter money can go back to the poor, and 10% can go to slaughtering hallal meats in ramadan, and 10% for the care of other animals in that land. Thereafter when the other business has been established we will give back a ten % share to the meat industry who cash and carry to retailers of pizza'rttes' where there is a market for it.

With the authorisations of my two mahrams, one by blood tie and the other by marital tie.

One by blood and the other by marriage tie.
That these books should be for historical reffernces, libraries', colleges' and univercities, only, for courses' in bilingual subject relations for  case sensitivities' of Humanity Studies', and other subjected studies that fall into the same catogory of subject matter.

Could I please endorse a room for a female foster child, with princess themes', untill the age of ten. and then  of her choice untill the age pending twenty. Could I endorse one room for one room for one catholic boy of the same value with football and or boing themes' and or themes of his choice untill the age of nineteen.

Could I do the same of one chritian and one catholic.

Could I endorse one hebrew lady two new double beds for her foster family, with blankets of patch work natures' untill the age of nineteen.

Dues repayments'.

Could I endorse one scottish family with nets' and curtains' with the same value of blankets of one per year of patchwork natures', for nineteen years'.

Can I send one Algerian, french sister, clothes for the period of five years'.

Could I promote, desk tops' because they have a greater downloader and lifespan for family use, with 10% going back to the muslim community as every letter is worth the count of ten in the Qurann.

Can I lift work sanctions for single and married women and single men, who have the count of four children, untill  the age of sixteen, if they show that they are inputting values' and systemic community relationsinto their children.

This have to go through both my two mahrams' one by marriage and the other by marital tie.

Please can I sponsor one South african family for a bag of oranges once a week for nineteen years', can I do the same for a south african family in relation to  frozen chicken.

Can I sponsor a christian family and a catholic family with two trips per year for the continuation of twenty years to a theme park of their choice across one chosen land of residance.

Could I sponsor 10 old ladies for Qurannic and reading lessons in Algeria, with a gift set of small Qu'rranic donations', can I do the same for ten older males from Algeria.

Can I ask two muslim families to send one christian family and one catholic family a set of unwritten christmass cards', for the duration of twenty years'.

Can I sponsor a homosexual attack on a male rape victim from the irish community for a course of fun dates with one indiviual female, with the intent of a marriage, can I do the same for one female person who falls under the same catogory, who has been raped, can I supply one years worth of new clothes' on a shopping trip every month with a donation of £50 pounds' and an extra £ 20 pound for coffee, flowers and some accomodations'.

Can I promote toys from the eighties for a historic writting and some new book additions for the british and other lands n relation to reffernce sacks of historic intent, taking a 60% mergin whereby 2% goes back into all chairty lands involved.

Could islamic writters', write books on the effects of war and their families', could America write books on gauntanimo bay and the harsh treatment of inmates' to add to the documentations of hstoric refferrences' with 2% going back into the muslim and american chairty fiunds to sponsor victims of war.

Could america write books on 9/11  and muslims write books on abu garib and the effects of both parties' of victims', with another 2% going back into the chairties for the victims of war.

As these are important for historic refferences'.

Could you keep critics commentry down of offences and slang and other angry usages that might cause other eruptions' of attacks in peoples local commmunities', they are vital books for history refferrances'.

Can I suggest that the farms' be endorsed for reconstruction of modern farm living to open their hames to visitors' with a 40% to 60% intake, 60% going to the  investor.

Can I promote my faith values as a muslim, and promote islamic values', if there is any other repayments of tax rebba please remind me.

All credits of ideas must be taken through my two mahrams' one by blood tie and the other by marital tie.

Thank you.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Reinburstments of rebba and tax repayments', are not my belief system, it must be stated, that the people of the land have requested as a tax return, property that was not asked for.

Please can I sponsor one christian for a three year course in the arts of card readings'.

Please can I send a post man always knocks twice for gift distributions' to milton keens'.

Please can I sponsor Algeria for small plastic bag international retail.

Please can I sponsor one trader from brixton market for bag endorsements of 50 % by 50% for connections into the plastic bag trade.

Please can I sponsor one female foster child for a doctor's degree and one male child fom a foster home for a boxing career.

Please can I buy one marriage suit and one marital dress for one British couple.

Has to be taken through my two mahrams' one by blood and the other by marital ties'.
Please can deaf  aids be sent to homes', please can I promote base ball caps', all actions have to be taken through my two mahrams, one by blood tie  and the other by marital tie.

Please can I endorse jeans and  new jumpers that are for the youth ,  for  foster homes', please can I send in hancurchiefs', and rain coats for the old, please can I  promote the dental practise in Dulwhich , kings', forprivate treatments', please can I promote the Brewers painting business in Bromley.

Please can I clear up some beliefs about isa'  age of death.

Isa will die at the age of 33 years', in the world to date, every 33 years and more plus, so far will credit one year of isa's life, he will remian on earth and walk the Earth as the first man Adam did, he will have chosen a exact match to enter the conditional world of similar to the first paradise untill his death.  Heis the only prophet that was mentioned ,about a  time of death as a guidance and to teach the people.
Hob-Caps' have asked that they be sponsored in a 40% - 60% promotion scheme, on every sale of one Hob-Cap, 60% going to the promotion company.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Can I endorse brixton market with business support and can I support the paper chain company in vauxall, with direct recalls of managements of this particular company put back into the trusts of clinton.
Under my legal rights of Queen and king of the British empire, and all concerning countries', I am going to strike a immidiate stop to all legal actions against myself, anyone who strikes up illegal prosecutions against my name will be sent straight down to the cells' with immidiate effect.

I retain all my rights to sanity, and will issue warrents for anyone who tries to impose an order that I be arrested and taken to a institute for the insane.

I reserve these rights', all other trusts' for the moment go under my mahrams', one by blood tie and the other by marital tie.

Please can I promote samya-samya, a retail business network, that outtletts' end of shelf clearances', that are needed by the general public from the best stores'.

Whereby the two samyas' take 35% each and meaden takes' 30% for introductions, advices', and help to market sub-street-to house hold private retail and to create a sub mini chain of higher seasonal promotions', It is known as a second business trade off investment.

Please  could I promote Zeenah brac'lets' for children and ladies' and cultural refinements', with a 40 % 60% going to meadon to create a store and employment programme for their staff.

Please could I ask richard branstone to take zeenah's husband and employ him in the new investment upgrades of trains and rail ventures', taking some of his nearest work friends into the new employment programmes'.

As part of my reba repayment, could I please buy one new sofa for one devorced black man, and a meal with a course of dates with one person, with the intensions of  marriage in mind.

Please can I promote the italian Imam from australia for ten o clock coverage, his talks and gathering muslims' for intercessions of debates of male gender are extremely interesting.

Could I promote, Imam soloman, and a few other similar imams and  brothers from south africa.
It is mine and my husband property, a private property, and their work must be secured for their own insurance purposes', I am not allowed to touch any work that they have done and repairs full into their court of actions for damages'.
Please can I endorse suret fat'tha over normal water seven times', this should only be done be Imams' and could have jinn consequences', and should only be issued on sickness and or other certifications of health problematics'.

Release the files through my authorisatinal code name, for the phoenix housing association, and north over mental health teams'.

Direct request.

All releases have to be taken through my two mahrams', one by blood tie and the other by marital tie.

However if you all come together and state the facts are wrong, then maybe there wrong.
Can the police please release the information to why I and my family are in wittness protection, to the
Phonenix housing association, in bromley kent and lewisham please, they are in ridicule of our circumstance.
law of the land, and that any further repairs and or conditions of what they have already done falls under their insurances of fatalities'.
Can my legal solicitor also put in the rights to our ownership of private documented property under the law of the land,

For the protection of isa position, please use your credits' of theirs me and theirs someone that behaves' like me, can we have a reinactment of the danger catchments please, for a sacred insurance, thank you.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

My sppnspred books are being released, the story of Ishmaee'l. Peace and blessings be upon him and his family plus.

Does that coincide with this coming eid, can we have some reffernce with that please, you know all my work is charity based, other credits are at the discretions of my two mahrams', one by blood and the other by marital tie.

May Allah sub hanna wa ta al'lal  work his mericals' of securities', can I have eid gifts and other resources of happy regards sent to saajia and her husband.

Everything has to be taken through my mahrams' first, one by blood and the other by marital ties'.

Though I understand that normal circumstance murder is international, it does not detract from the fact that, there is an extreme investigation on going for children and adults' that have features' of small boys' and or are Jesus-Mohammed, Naffititi, Phroan counterparts', and that the fact still remains' , that if they find I and or anyone who resembles I, meaning myself, that we are still being targetted for the most horrific depicking murders', of everypiece of bodu fibre, inch by 2sq millimetres'. And that all countering rebbas' dont mean where I reside, did I say you.
Please can I release ten barrainian items from the national treasure, I will only give one that has depictable pictures', they must be approved bahrainian by all members of the higher ranking powers with in the muslim ullima.

A peace negociation for future source tourisms'.
Please can I buy three water pumps', with direct connections to the main water source for algeria, turkey and morroco, whereby the water is dedicated to three main houses of the must trusted people of the towns community. Whereby, there are circulated times', for the water to be issued throughout the day, because of resource and conservative issues'.

Could they retail the water for a small price to the community and only give donations to the poor on a 2% criteria.

Could 1/2 the price of the water, then be put back into the investments scheme for more water resources and allocated dames for assitance.

With the same scheme allocation/

All actions must be  taken throuh my leading mahrams' one by blodd and one by marital ties'.
Please can I, help endorse a young male muslim from kenya to open a breakfast bar, for on the go, beans and egg on toast. Please could I endorse that, with a half price supplication for people on hardship grants'.
Please  could I sponsor one ethnic black lady for female sessions at the gym for the duration of nineteen years', for endorsements of buttocks'  and chest enhancements'.

Please can I send a 500 pound compensations' check to tescos' for a miss-representing -theft, that never took place without their knowledge, as a  promotion of course.
Surgery of beauty produce is at the risk of each individual and they should read the small print first.
Please can I sponsor, a small home range farm in comwell, for private investors', that like to have the best of the range of products of selective natures', in relation to their body health and matters of circumstance conditions'.

A small set farm, with hens', chickens', fresh goats and sheeps' milk and other produce that has been credited with approvoals' for standards with the food standards agencies' and other health approved, addressed official stamps'.
Please could I endorse a fostered hebrew child with a selection of fairytale books' from whsmiths', who appears to be a good writter, for investments with disney, could I emply a support network to help pull him through to the top.

Its a dues' and rebba repayment.

Please can I buy one south african boy private health care for one week, and one russian boy.

Please can I buy one issue  of bread to be given to one algerian family, everyweek for one credited human life span.

Everything has to be accredited by my two mahrams' first, one  by blood tie and teh other by marital tie.
Please can I buy, with just the pennies from the trillion pound business venture, a face lift for ten european women, to correct disfigurements', and a small house and small car for each one.

Can these women come from the poorest of backgrounds' , two from America, one from Britan, one from France, two from Africa, one from Russia and one from the sons' of the original Dawood.

Please can I sponsor ten thailand males', five from  backgrounds of poverty striken areas', and five poor muslim brothers', for european education programmes of their choice.

Thailand verses' its' apologies for a murder in its home land on a european woman, but vices' that murder happens all across international waters', and though we dont like to see anyone murder, it is the reality of the world, and that, with the ten students' being educated with the return  of rebba vice, could 5% of each annual years' wage go to finding and or locating missing persons' units' for european young women and men, as part of apologies', and 5 % of their retirement funds' go to the families of victims' of the same vice.

Please can I pay nineteen muslims'  to buy Eucryl, every week for one whole year, and have them sent straight to foster care units', as part of my repayment rebba.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

wb thkr ana ummbaad'.

Jazzakula harun, or thank you.
Everything has to be taken through my two mahrams first.

one by blood tie and the other by marital tie.

Please can I compensate, tie rack in waterloo station for touching their retail produce of fabrics', in youth, for the purchase of one stand full of silk woven fabrics'.

Please can I employ some graphite artists' to respray the skate board area on the south bank, with Hallal oringinalities'.

Wa b ante w anty thkr rebba w ana hiya, smheli,

Please can I, give a small 0.00something of percentage of some pennies to begging street hobos', from the franchise.

Please can I supply one years worth of free keyrings' with the olympic 2012 signiture on it, with everytrip to london, with a, I love London, post card, with no-writting, rather  discriptive london and heart pictures' on them.

Please can I Contribute some money to small rabbit, and hares' for the shooting farmers', for a rich retail taste business, so that they that franchise to the American shores'.

Like I said, under Islamic Sharia, I  dont need to reinburst anyone of these people, and rather they are begging.

Can I please reinburst one Christian Lady for 1/2 of two (3) rds' , in christmas gifts' and easter gifts' for nineteen years'.

Can I pay for one brown or black child to have hair relaxing cuts' for nineteen years'.

Can I have authorisation from my two mahrams', one by blood and the other by marital ties' to repay these, as a kind  request from the pennies raised from my multi trillion pound business', that I claim no rights over, rather all my affairs go through my two mahram's , one by blood and the other by marital ties'.

Please can I pay for bonfire nights', at one location, for one small multi cultural community for the period of nineteen years'.

Please can I reinburst ine foster family with frozen meats from nineteen years'.

As for books that have already gone out, it was a mistake because the islamic advisors were poor in thought, and any further issues need to be licenced under cover bondships' with free distributions' of bookletts inside of Qurannic values'.

Wa fy Ketaab, mohada hanut, smheli umbad fy alimeets' nahnu fy dunya, wb islamia kutbas' jumma, fy miskeena w fy thkr Allah Sub Hanna Wa Ta Al'lal, wa ketaabs' umbaad doka fard hallal tahta ya-diki,wa islamia sharia attoni zakat w qurannic iqra ketaabs', ma'a okaridge dahhram.

Fy hada fard yadik jazza wa ya-dikki keetab, kayf dahrum ketaab, whlu. Ya dikk  sonnah, dahhrum bisaffa.

Ya Hallal

Please can I state, that I am none of the above, I am a Muslim, and that the people demanded their dues', so out of their claims of blessing on the day of judgement, I will give it to them, here in this life.

Smheli, Ana Golic Iqra, Ana Laila wa had folka, ana had muslim , w hada fy nassr wa nassret golic attoni, wa attoni doka, wb il l dna w ana nahnu barraka fy el qi'ema, ana attoni w fy mohada nasr wa nassret, mohad fy hiya, wa fy el qiema, mohada nahnu walu barraka fy ana barraka, ana shvta Allah, sub hanna wa ta al 'lal', ti, eba.
As part of my dues', please can I buy one Jewish hair net, for one Jewish lady, and can I decorate one hebrw house of worship, with one star of David.

Please can I buy one Church of England Bible for one female foster child, and one Church of England Bible for one male foster child.

Please can I buy one Catholic Bible for one femal foster child, and one Catholic Bible for one male foster child.

Please can I buy one Toroah for one Hebrew female foster child and one Toroah for one Hebrew male foster child.

please can I that holy retailers of all major religon, sell the box and decorated cases' for as much as they like, and give the bondong holy books as free additions'.

Everybook must come with a case.
Confirm that I was never a Christian

As part of my dues', could one female " X " Christian, proclaimations to the deen, please send, as part of my accounts of Al Qi,e,ma, send one christian lady, a real tooth, and pay for her to have treatment at a private dentist.

Could I also buy 19 years', nineteen years', worth of nappies for a disabled child, and 13 years', or, thirteen years' worth of nappies for a Christian child who has bed wetting problematics', as part of my dues'.

Could I buy 19 years', nineteen years' worth of safety pins', with catchments for one Christian lady who sows' fabrics'.

Could I ask one muslim male to marry one disabled person, as a carer for the value of 19 years', nineteen years', and to sponsor a pair of chosen  identical jannah reconstruction body market replacements' that have the features' of this same marital pair, in the form of a then already being devorced and a restart of a muslim couple, ready for consumations' and child birth.

After nineteen years the marriage is classed as void, and the married spouse has to supply sponsored private housing care untill death.

Could I send SMA milk, as part of  dues' repayments' to One christian family and one Hebrew Family for the continuation of nineteen years'.

Could I suggest, that out of date,SMA milk, that the retail market can not use in westen lands', due to the health and regulation bodies', be dispenced to poor lands', the milk has no harm in it, only that the neutriants' are lessor in values', as the years go on, but for poor country consumptions there isno harm.

Could I buy the whole batch with the trillion pound business pennies left and then,  dispurse it in equal amounts to all the disperate lands' .

Could thereafter, one SMA milk container of half the amount, be sent to one poor family, on every westen purchase of the same item, to reinburst lost productions of their business', this should then, bring in half the amount of cash, that the business lost to set another market rebatch, at the same time, feeding the poorer members of the worlds lands'.

Authorisations' from my two mahrams', one by blood -tie and the other by marital-ties.

Thank you.

Couls I also send one south african boy, normal sized pants', for one whole year.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Please can I do this under the authorisations of my two mahrams #, one by blood tie and  the other by marital tie.

Thank you.
Please can I suggest teeth rewiring for fat people with conditions, with special aid breathing machines' provided for.

Please can I provide one teenage child with spot lotion and treatment for three years'.

Please can I provide a pair of boots' for one female teenager who is under catholic religous education programmes'.

Please can I re-indorse one catholic schools for painting materials' for a period of five years', and a set of schools meals' for one female child for a set of five years'.

please can I issue one pound coin for one female child for a lunch programme for three college years'.
pPLesaes can I buy one black person one pair of trousers' and 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Please can I pay for one marriage, between a man age range 40+ and 60 with a female of 25+  and 40+, with a gift of a bag of gold brought from a retailing gold shop, to make some older grandparents happy.

Thats not including my private house.
Please can I promote one victorian cake, for a British Child.

Please can I promote one small silk lined woolen jacket for a poor mixed race child.

Can I promote one teenage respectable dress for one female teenage person who attends' church.

Can I promote one large ice cream for a south african boy.

Give some small change for children who need to utilize public changing rooms'.

And supply one Italian mean for a new couple, with a gift, and flowers'

Credited authorisations from my two Mahrams' one by blood and the other by marriage.

Please can I buy one solid set of drapes' for one breast feeding muslim woman.

And by one fruit set gift for a muslim couple in rehousing conditions', with a set of books about birthing conditions' in the west.

Authorisations please.

The last promotion I sent in was a Islamic garment, not finished, but a prototype, it needs a few independant home hand stiching, and sent to a tailor for retailing and commissions'.
 My two brothers authorisations please, as stated yet again.

Blood and marriage.

Please can I, remind my sons' that I sent  in gifts for them, as a promotion and career outtlet along with other items that they can barter.

I love you, my boys'.
I have been requested as a dues' repayment to promote Joseph  and the techni - coloured dream coat, threatre production, along with one other production I saw in youth twice, once was as a free token gift and the other was poor security standards', whereby I gained entry for a free sitting, I believe it was a pardon pass, actually.

Find out more, ring the young vic theatre group, can I also reinburst the theatre company on  the old kent road, the civic centre, to promote the childrens slave trade awareness production, a  re-run I believe, I will not be attending.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

W dub aki, w azwj, golic fard w laila fard, ma'a islammia shariya'.

Wa rebba fy nahnu gilba musjids' wa international islammia w laila islaamia maa' barraka', femmtini riya w maa' bint maa'lail abbd w ummit'.

Christians', Catholics, hindo and hebrew, golic anna dahhram attoni fy hada belocol bayyt' wa seege'

Wa anna wali w nassr w nassaret bfy kaabr munka, wheen ana shavta, hok wa nassret hind thkr.
W laila whad nassr wa nassret kaine fy ummah wa' ajjari  b amel m'aa' sallams'.

Anna waali maa' faatha faard zeenet' fy wa belad wherak laila whad nassr w nassret zeenet munkr wa'ma nahnu laila waali belocol fard zeenet, w fehemti, naam be  ass'ma hakeem.

I have to sponsor ten of the lowest paid cleaners', for a day trip out.

And give credited mac donalds trips' for one two children in foster care,  untill they both reach 19.

At the bequest and authorisations of my two mahrams', one by blood tie and the other by marital tie.

Of course these atributes dont have to be paid, but out of the credited income of the multi trillion pound business that I have created, I am sure these small amounts are just pennies'.

W Allah Sub Hanna Wa Ta Al 'lal Belli Kabr

M'a Allah Sub hanna wa ta Al'lal's Barraka, nahnu ma' muslimets' wa muslimeens', mutminets mutmin,eens', wa imams' w Alimmets' fy belacol sallams' b awhad ge'ga.

Fy anna dhramms', anna attonni rebbi w tatth fy islammi sharriya b kabbr Britannia, fy amel, w onbaad, b nahnu muslims' attonni barraka fy belacol fy haya/  Anna golic, fy laila a rock'et, b ma anna, anna shovta belacol sallams' wa allimets'.

A leef



Ya alimms' w nahnu nassr wa nassret'

Hadda el'Kettab  w b Allah Sun hanna wa ta al'lal

Al' Qu'raan al Kar'reem

For a complete overthrow, I mean.

Can I buy a free set of parker pens, one pen each  for  leavers',   for the knights acadmy, as a special addition for those that pass exams, for the next 13 years', there after my debt has been paid to the knights' for a small mistaken identity, pen theft.
Sub hanna wa ta al 'lal

And that all statements of accounts' are reserved for my two mahrams' one by marriage and  the other by blood tie.

And under the Islamic laws of this land of residances', I didnt break any conditions' of overthrow, because of the special circumstance criteria that I found myself in, due to the child murders of the 1950's and 1960's, and  that the computer, yet again, is a tool for artistic movements and other requests of islamic outreachings', with the conscents of the above two direct relations as mentioned in this entry.

I put one of my children in my shoes' and and said in refference to myself'

" Sitting in the Big Man's Chair "

And he said, meaning the Shaytan said, " Closest to Allah is it ? , I understand ".

He wasnt talking to me, without his knowledge, he was talking about me.
All respected requests of ventures have to be taken throuh my two mahrams first, one by blood and one by marriage.

And that,  talk about islamic requests and injunctions, of dues', that need to be paid, in general, and refferences' of files' ( a person ) of such and
such. And not everysingle muslim needs to do this, this is reserved for teachers, leaders and higher graded imams'.
Can I support one middle aged woman in calcium foods', untill death.

And one small orphan in cream and calcium foods, untill 21 years'.

Can I supply on muslim male with one islamic garment, and one pair of shoes', pay for one oif his devorces' and pay for a new marriage party.

Can I also, as part of my dues' to the christians', pay for a fire work display for one child and a birthday party of one child untill the age of 19.
I am going support one Hebrew person, one Itailian person and one german person and one British person to study the art of painting fruit to mark a gallery of remembrance for the 1st and 2n world war, money funds thereafter will go back into international funds' from both galleries to support other children of wars'.

Can I promote Iqra Television path way to paradise, and have Imam Fuzzy back with the islamic lectures of seera programmes'. Thank you.
When I say, I dont owe anything, I mean, you forget the rights of your obligations upon the orphans', and is it a obligation of an orphan to make a tax return..... howeverm I will pay my dues' out of respect for your religous idealisms'.
I am going to pay for one painting from vincent van gogh's collection to be returned to its place of origin from the British Wellfare Trust.

One painting that falls into Islamic Conjunctions.

I am going to pay for one german child to be only a fruit painter.

And I am going to pay for one child from America, Britain, Japan and China to become only a flower painters'.

And one of  their best paintings' from each of their collections' is going to mark a remembrance focoshami gallery.
I am going to pay for cancer treatment for one small female child, one small adult male and one middle aged woman untill progress, cancer treatment is in the hands of Allah Sub Hanna Wa Ta Al 'lal.

I will pay for one black female child to have a life time supply of under arm body spray, once a week renewal.

I will pay for one drunk man to have one pizza for a life time, once a week.

And supply a new table to a poor family with a group of six boys from the irish community.
I will pay for one foster female child to have period packs' untill the age of 20.

Not that I really owe anything, but dues will be paid.
I am going to pay for one person to under go swearing, alcohol and abuse treatment, I am going to pay for one child to be fed and given a issue of clothing untill the age of ten.

I am going to heat two middle aged open ladies' until they die.

I am going to give oranges to one boy for a life time.

I am going to give one christian and one catholic family a christmas roast dinner untill their parents die.

I am going to give one child a pile of gifts on the same day, who is in foster care under different cultural parentage.

I am going to pay for one facial surgery programme one pair of breast reduction and one pair of breast reconstruction.

I am going to pay for one mole removal from one person.

I am going to support one child in foster care for their housing programme, until the age of 19.

I am going to support one foster child with clothing  untill the age of 19.

I am going to pay for ongoing treatment for a small man to have contact lenses' for a life time.

I am going to purchase one currey for one drunk man and one drunk woman for a lifetime.

I am going to replace woodchip wall paper for one poor house year in and year out for one old couple untill death under their arrangments of agreements of course.

I am going to give one pair of trainers and one pair of shoes to one boy and one girl untill the age of 19.

I am going to supply one middle aged woman with one hair cut per year for 19 years and one man for the same amount. I am going to give one house of the same shape and size as my own residance of situation to one christian and one catholic family.

I am going to pay for one sweet shop retailer for a life time, for one christian and one hindo family.

I am going to cut one set of private grass lawn for a area that has no funds' for 19 years'.

I am going to place a swimming pool and centre in a similar area with agreements from both the christian and catholic communities'.

I am going to pay for one youth club for ten years' of the same value that I attended with upgrades to meet the circumstance of the decade.

I am going to buy a carpet for one single lady with two children, to replace pet damages', of the same shape and value of the setting that I resided in.

I am going to purchase biscuits' for one family for 21 years'.

I am going to support one female foster child with hairbands untill the age of 19.

I am going to support a television set for a responsible christian and catholic family untill their foster children reach the age of 21.

And these money funds' from the mass investment programme will come from just a small amount of what will be pennies' to the rest of the income  that will be made from these advancements'.

I will pay for one major building from each major faith group, for reconstruction and renewal.

Images and icons in this set of repayments will not be included.

A new cabnet with keys', to the cup representations', will be, as a replacement for a broken cross and chain that was place in my care as a youth. Or the cleaning of for a period of 21 years for a christian church and a catholic church. These are their claims under their religous sanctions', and are their rights' over me.

I will pay for one mixed marriage of one black and white couple, from a poor family.

As for the rich people, I have given dues' in court proceedings and compensations'.

Under christian claims', I am going to release one person under the mental health out to have a life time of on going correctional treatment.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Of course I am not a christian, catholic or hebrew, but some of these issues are their rights over me, and other issues are just greed of want, but to save the peace, and stand straight on the day of Judgement the dues' need to be paid.

But after everything, I am still a male virgin, thats' if you like it or not.
Please can I reinburst, through check funds', directed  to Mrs Sue Tailor , and Mrs NIcholls', a reinburstment to established take away foods', and toy items of listed catolouged discriptions', as well as a collection of chocolates', as well as arrangements for a course of holidays' anywhere in Britain for the same value of and duration of the time period of established money fund units and offers', can my, debt payments' be made through all the left over money from the offers of investors', I dont think its much, seen that I am the only one doing the thinking around here.
Of course, even after all of your takings', guess what? I was still a virgin under the law of the land, and still remain a virgin, untill further notice.
Please could the police release the information to the courts of justices and fbi across international waters', the police know the extent of the facts and files' and the danger that children are in because of the nature of the crime against our family, and it is a satanic attack. Again ,with my authorisational name code, and with credits of allowances from my two mahrams', one by blood tie and the other by marital tie, if you wonder why I have to state this time and time again, because the X Royal Family keep trying to infringe my rights of rein, by any open lease.
And the prosecution enfringed our islamic rights' of culture by allowing a forbidden entrance and illegal stay.
When orders were given by the prosecution for another man to be in the house at the same time alone with, a leader from amongst your teachers'.

Is that, I thought I may have felt something, but because I was between sleep and wake at a fragile point, and couldnt be sure, then its not a credible wittness to assume an infringment of instigational trouble that could lead to a loss of life. This is an Islamic Ruling, and that no matter how sure I was, because I did'nt wittness, a thought action that may have taken place and no matter how sure I was, and only heard a small sound from the next room, then it falls into  Allah's rules' of laws', subhanna wa  ta al'lal's punishments and or forgiving circumstances'. And Allah will do what He wills', and you laugh, but its' not funny.
This is an urgent appeal, can I sponsor abu hamza's eye surgrey and arm reconstruction after the years of abuse that he has suffered from.

All the facts are there, it just has to be authorised with my code name, taken through my two mahrams' one by blood and the other through marital ties'.
Can I send BOB a brand new huge Harley Davidson

Scripted-You and your misses'

Please can I issue private lice treatment to one disabled person, please can I issue two nose reconstructions to two people who need it.
Please can I pay for one set of new teeth, reconstruction, buy a hat for one bold person.

Please can I issue donation baskets to Gilford Arms', marked for BOB and Tracey, and friends'.

Please can I support one child who suffers from arthritis for a lifetime programme.

Comments and suggestions can be taken through my two mahrams' as stated
Please can the police issue the details of why I and my family and other links into my family,are all  in high protection schemes', to congress and the houses of parliments', as attacks on us and our family are high, due to the middle police thinking that we were being held for race related crimes', in relation to the stephan lewrance murder and other faulse ideas that have created real hardship circumstances for our family and friends. Thank-You

Could fans' donate some private funds' to police services for their help in relation to my circumstance and  could that money be shared bewteen all departments in equal amounts'.

With Love.
Or for any family that can issue hardship details on request, promotional stores' will poster special offer requests'.
Please can I sponsor ten boys from each major faith group for private religous education programmes', at the conscent of my Two Mahrams' one by blood and the other by marital ties'.

Please can I re-credit a £ 200 pound check,  to any particlar Irish charity community, as a reinbusrtment gift.

Please can I promote the leather industry, as coats and jackets are being disregarded because of animal activists', and that some children have to sleep in their coats because of the extreme cold circumstance  that they live under, and that can we order some special offers' of buy one get one free, for families that have more then two children please.

Please can I sponsor Ten Imams' from Algeria, and Ten of the poorest men who have families', from Algeria, for  family sized cars', Imams' get paid very small amounts of money for their services', and their lives are in constant threat of advice consequnces', though caution is always warrented, tha if people take advice from sourced informational imams' and or local area teachers', its at their own  risks', advice is, most of the time, of a benefit to social, community and marital living.

For every sale thereafter, a percentage has to go back to, and or be devided amongst other fragile countries that need  charity sponsorship packs and other resources', its a advertising and promotional scheme.

The children have requested that we see more giants on screen.

Of course I dont have to pay their phone bill, they have their own benefits to pay that.
Please can I reinburst gifts' to Sieda and her Friend of the same value, that were sent as a charity to my door, that I did not ask for, nor request, could these items be sent to lewisham musjid, with a white and green ribbon wrapp.

Thank you.
BT Home Payphones', have been suggested, for people with overweight problematics' and other related similar illness, as a business venture for the BT retail outtlet.

And that, I have to purchase one for another member of the community as another debt.

All debts', were manipulations of higher powers', however, a payment is a payment.

Documents are secured through my two mahrams', one by blood and the other through marital ties'.

Please can I promote Saudace and His Brother, and the new recitals' by the Imam Foot'cie'

Its' been suggested that his feet range up to a size 16 Mens'-Ware
And that every intercession will be taken through Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him and his family plus.
As part of the claims' of of my persons' of answerships', by the church and congregations of the people, that has no consequence of barrings' on my Inner Islamic Belief System ( on the day of Judgement, I have duties')I participated in a full-aggragated-reenactment of a confession.

Some reports by people and or persons' may have at times', been distorted and untruths', or facts of claims' that go in their favour, for their own self gratifications', those particular lies' have no consequnce on my claims of inner purities'.

Friday, 5 October 2012

I have my two mahrams who deal wih everything, one by blood tie and the other by marriage
Please can Lewisham police release the documentations' for baclays bank international and the BBC services' on the case files of Mira Hindly Ian Brady and why I an my family and other members' of the muslim community are in high profile black watch.

Code Authurisation given as stated.
Can I reinburst the knights acadamy for two english pound coins' that a fellow-female-muslim failed to recollect from my door, after issuing a sponsorship. It was a sponsorship and not a charity address, I believe.
Its not my islamic duty to do so under islamic law, but under the circumstance, I will release this fund, with a tax return on lost revenue, for any discredits to the acadmy its-self, thereafter, if the person whom failed to collect the money in the first instants', paid in full out of her own pocket, could the knights acadmy please reinburst that person and or persons of address in full with a credited check.
Can I send, also to my brother by blood and my Mahram by marriage,  the best selection of one of each of the hejabs' and jibeers' for both men and women, whereby the same offer will be introduced on everysale of these particular item.

Whereby the other 10% of shares will go to, 5% to retailer turkeys' poverty striken and the other to Syria'.

Algeria the city circle. Special nomadic requests', are a 2% share.
And thats' dark not darl, and thats' parti'zan, muslim contextual understanding and comprehensions' of, Discriptive-Islamic-Manners'.
The other 5% can go to muslim chairties', and the other 5 % can go to the church as a reinburstment for a manipulated visit, by a selective muslim knocker, who out of her own choice decided to lead me to visiting such an outlett. Whereby out of muslim creed of mercy I decided to buy a small item for a child at the price of 50pence.
Please can I, have the best selection of each tailored dress from each shop within algeria to be sent to my mother, as a business request, in relation to a 10% reinburstment to your stores in algeria, the English pound.

From all of these, my mother can select one of the dresses of her choice for her own gratification.

Its a debt that I owe.

Thank you.
And as for my black sister and brother, as you said, its not good to use the word black in your statements' of accounts', of course you can always retract that statement if you like.

It depends', how much shares you wish to take, let me see, yes and some very darl brown and black shades too.
I have no editor, in  this case for letter corrections'.

As for intercessions', we know that We will all turn to Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him and his family plus, for this.. .

As for the Peach Stone, 20% is to only be taken from this entry. on  this topic, and other arrangements' in other entries', to be kept,through dialouges of commitments that have been made through my intercessing mahrams', One by blood and the other by marital tie.

Greens' and  light browns, dark browns', beige and white stones' are nice.

All actions have to be takem through my two mahrams' of accounts' first, one by blood and  the other by marital tie, and its' our Islamic persons', of accountabilities', but falls in direct consequence upon I, coming forward in addressing the accountabilities' of people that may thereafter come forward on the  day of Judgement thereafter are addressed to my actions' of accounts in facing Allah Sub Hanna Wa Ta Al' lal.

So I state, My person of claiming accounts of blessings and other holdments of entrances', in my name, on the day of Judgement/
Of course, marital ties of obligations' apply to the laws of stated lands' of age range of allowances'.

As for war compensations', rather that is a matter of charity that is offered by state run charity  affairs', such as olympic arrangements, that pay for and compensate orphans' of previous wars' and states', and people effected by housing situations' and other discomforts' of war, and so forth.
Please can I, bury one set of, married couple, from each major faith group, that can not afford to pay for their own graves', please can I bury one set of  brother and sister,one set of adults and one set of chidren from each major faith group, that can not afford to bury their these people, please can I bury one set of married couple from the non believers', as well as one set of brother and sister from the non believers'.

Please can I bury one set of single people, one male and female from the above criteria too.

Please can I bury one disabled  person and one disabled child, from each set of the above criteria too.

Please can I bury one set of gay couple male and female, all done under their own principles' of lives' lived.

With inscription:

With peace of mind, this stone has been placed

Please  can I pay for a marriage from each set of above stated couples'

A devorce for each set of stated couples'

Sponsor a childs' education from each stated above couple.

Please can I bury a prostitute, both a male and female, one set from adult and one set from the children.

Please can I have the peach stone removed from Makka and replaced with Geen stone.

Can this peach stone be sold to raise funds for my obligations' to these people in a auction whereby the jew will take a 20% reward for his claim over my person.

Please can I buy one lady, from amongst the gathering open women, a pint of pure orange juice, not just any orange juice, the best orange juice, with a credited visit to a private GP for a blood health check.
Please can I reinburst the kinder-egg -industry, for one egg.

I will send out a promotion, for kinder, for chewing-gum-spear-mint to be exact, and a mint promotion for alberto balsam, for a 20% charity claim, to go back to the muslim community from this one day promotion.

Also, the mass food industry, is being made ready for my long life span, and that when its gone, I will be heading for grow your own produce, untill further notice of the day of judgement and Allah sub hannan wa ta al'lal knows best.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The imam spoke about, the remembrance of the 99 names of Allah sub hanna wa ta al 'lal, how we as teachers of musjid and musjid standards should embrace the names' and live by those names', with deep intensions' of purities', the imam spoke about, how we should address our homes' as musjids' and try to keep remembrances of Allah' sub hanna wa ta al'lal, up, to the best of our abilities', and that with the remembrances and the recit'al of the Qu' rannic verses' , the angels' asscend, to paradise and to the groups of angels in paradise and to the groups of  people who bypassed the graves and went straight to paradise, and that these peoples' names' our mentioned often with remembrance and utterances of our duties to Allah, sub hanna wa ta al'lal, within paradise and amoungst the people and residances of paradise.

The imam states that as teachers of musjids' we should, teach the names of mercy given to us from  the 99 names' of Allal sub hanna wa ta al 'lalto the congregations of men that visit the house of Allah, sub  hanna wa ta al'lal, so they can go home and impliment these teachings as theachers to their wives' and children, it was a  very beautiful sermon.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Small changes' that could benefit the social system of government buildings', and life saving changes', with additional run, three yearly programmes' of up-dates', to ensure safe measures' are secured, with fire run programmes', of fire drills' with the fire-services' for all members of staff and or children and or hospital outletts' that need to have fire drills' as well, as well as super - market chains' and or other tax services'.

Wages will remain the same all year through, apart from the call out programmes' of three set years, that will en'sure a extra ten pounds to each staff member for extra secured measures' of government employment programmes', we will give all government run buildings the option of secured measures' on a three year programme, thereafer for a period of seven years', they must comply to a set of seven year programmes'. If they opt out, seven years being the complusory.
Fire Services'

Need to  have the authority to inspect all state run institutional governmental building out-letts', to be able to issue warrents' for address billings', in  relation to renewing parts' of buildings' and fences' that maybe a crushing mechanism for fire hazards' and other non -fire but same criteria network of employment trainings'.

Need to inspect front and back entrances' for pollutional compliancies'  and issue statements' of how to make small, but some improvements', without spending too much,  a few  cut-backs' that could be life-saving with inspections' of directional issue raisings'.
Metropolitan Police:

Advanced Call:

Unit-Sectional-Case-Files': Mira Hindly - Ian Brady

Lewisham Police Restrictments', authorisational code name given with creidted conscent to contact these associations to put state measures of protections in place, to stop furthering crimes of chid trackings, and smaller women trackings' and or face resemblances of the above named victim.

Addressing all social-work-deapartments'/ work and pensions'/ tax credits'/ housing associations', income based support units' / child benefits' / income based jobseekers' allowances' / family credits'/ Income support/ and other benefits' that cover these particular criterias'.

Case - Files' - Authorisational Code Name as given and stated between all international bodies' from the above addressed person.

Asscending monologue units', addressing all people that attend interviews'  on grounds of being placed in witness protections' for the reasons stated above, that restrictive measures' be activated with advanced commence.

Action taken and reported to officials', release of the sanctions to attend interviews' on grounds of endangerments of spontaneous sexual and or premeditated attacks', on them and or their children.

To stop and restrict pedophila units' of further advanced victimisations'.

Social Credits : Addressing letters to victims'

We are releasing you from interviews' until further notice of any circumstance that arises', where, because of police interventions and or actions taken, you then must attend a regulation of interviews' in an advanced letter call out, this caution is being taken and or made, in case of information that could be released in the hand of the police, whereby actions might be taken on a point out location of , and then a reconstruction of  interviews' to  submerge arrests and or warrents to arrest.

Please do not contact myself, in  relation to this, as you are aware of my circumstance, and I will take a no-call as a credited-noted and responsive call of action taken up and accounted by the force as an affirmation of agreements'.

All authorisations of letters and contacts'of any informations released  in any further blog entries', MUST BE ADDRESSED TO AND SANCTIONED BY MY TWO LEADING MAHRAMS' ,ONE BY BLOOD TIES' AND THE OHER BY MARITAL-TIES'.

Where you get a building community of muslims', you get late night shopping, you get, weekend night beach tours', you get family meals out and more and more, you get better social behaviours' and help into other communities that my need charity response, and inter marital relationships' of repair and support for any body who has fallen victim to other vices', unless they dont wish for help and then devorce is an option, or optional/

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