Friday, 9 November 2012

Its four small hearts, four small brains', four small private organs', my body contains', a fusion, though little lizzie claimed suicide at the age of five, all the unit, being undeveloped, took it seriously. They have learnt to study all photo images' in minute detail. I have even learnt how to create telepathy, though they being muslim, are shy to render their thoughts', now. If I lay on the otherside, I log intotheboys yreamsspheresthoughIdontdothis veryoften,theytheboysevenatsuchayoungageknowmassiveindormation,andtheyareonlyinsizeofbrainandthoughts'areoneandahalforso. weshouldntevenbeout.

Monday, 5 November 2012

dunya warabiatqwafyAllahsubhannawtaallal'
Nanra sohona kidkidma'amustaeem Fy wherak anakarusifyyadik wakudta umb adnasreenwnassretqulicanayuesamafyarafatbeyunya
Ana rasulet arabia Ana rasulet w folka sheba w ana folka sheba w rasulet Ana a'rba nanra musqaueem fy dyke'l regilun w nasrren w nesret whad fy quluq kunfykun ana gilb w ana regilun fy haaram mutbah tahta zebbie nanra w ana nanra fy zebbie whereka laila fy wherelu unbad fy segira whin ana tufhil ana nanra fy tahta sharia b britainia whad sitta ana nanra w ana nanra wherka muhada fy whelu Umbad kabeer harram, wb a r arabiasultanb fy qulic wb rasulat. Whad an aqulic fyan awalid anasultannwsheebataqwa Allah fyarabia.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
for greece Iproposeasetofsmallolympicsspinoffs'aroundtheccoastalareas',andaBritiahempirecitycentredinishingpointallthetouringcoveringallthecountriesinvolveduntilltheendoftheseason. forthedloatingiceburgIwouldsuggestthatallthecarrierships'surroundotsowittogetherandhoistitbackuptothepolewheretheycansowituntillitfreezes'overthedollowingyear,itwilltaketheblackwatchsosthedhipswillneedtocarryicetokeeptheiceburgcool. Alsokeepswitchesoffforreyuctionsofheatwhereeveryoucanthankyou.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

A virginoftheland Asastatedroyalandlineofpropheticteachings'theyarerightnowtryingtocontainmeunderthementalhealthactthathasrallypass editssellby date. forobjectional calls andfanrelatedrealitiespleasecallforthemtoleavemealone thementalhealthteamnorthoverroad,downhamwaybromleykent,oryoucanevenpaythemavisitonrequestofprotectionoftourin.

Friday, 2 November 2012

From the employment programmes' I need gifts to go out to bambushkas' and the queen marys ship. There are mix marriage interests in these places'. Please can I pay for one bottle of water for black person as part of my dues', can I purchase one irish family one normal camera and one film camera as another part of my dues'. Can I pay for one prostitute to have a small legal aid fee.

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