Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Cadburies Roses'

They should expand into tins' of separated chocolate, of specialist taste requirements'.

For example: Cadburies Orange Roses', and or, the zest of the rose/ if it is a problem of race relations', wording is relevant

Cadburies' Pink Roses', we don't have to be exact on the wording, and that people will warm to the idea of new -old traditions'.

Cadburies' fudge roses

We will have the orange roses' in a metallic orange tin

The Pink Roses in a Metallic pink tin, etc etc.

And or, you could have a specialist store for a separated business trade mark,

A separate collection of the roses',

With small tins', big tins', large one off chocolates ect ect, for small tourist towns' and or big attractments', I'm in for a choc surprise.

I'm in, are you ? And that a buy into this share scheme of investments'; would generate the steak holders' profits of income, and that if he stays' as he is with the Olympics on the horizon, he will have a smaller net profit, and that the expansion of such an investment with the progression of the trade of tourism, will generate a flourishment of profit and a regenerated new appearance of what is so desperately needed in this area of commercialisation.

He is either a visionary or he is out.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Harrods, can become a very fine dinning restaurant for the Arab entrepreneur and exclusive Arab emirate hotelite.

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