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There is something rather odd how, in all true sense of ernesty, that a well written and much sort after play, as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde; having dissident descendants' from a well founded Scottish writer, and other hundreds' of many wordily writers' who have subsequently written and been hijacked by the music-industry, as part of its' combined efforts to hijack the writing and co theatre-productions'-industry, shell we say a whole heartily money and scandalous affair of purposely over-rating the musical-theatrical-department-giving no or very little recognition to its' original counterpart of authenticity.

Rather we can say, it is an extreme exploitation of well founded historical writers' and or well established writers' of todays' and historical- efforts', who have established their names' in the films' and theatrical- industry . Leaving aside and not even recognising, the true efforts' and or countries' that the writings' have originated from.

Rather, when you see achieved materials', regarding musical adaptations' of such well established story based and Historically founded authors', you will see with clear evidence that the music-orchestrations' have boycotted the true essence of the accreditation's' of the authentic-author and or historical facts', with little means' of enticement of publicity.

Outrageously-Highlighting their own thirty odd people; who coincide and take the whole page of publicists', with a harmonious orchestration, and depicting themselves'- as under-handed and part practitioners' with the authentic creators' and or subsequent writers'. Leaving the readers' bemused and or, should I dare say it, misleading them into a falsity of belief, whereby the reader, is subsequently, by deliberate miss-appropriation of publications' of documentations' ion regards to this matter at hand, to believe that the established musical, is part of their writings', and or their own foundations of affairs'.

It is unprecedented theft of the utmost conspiracy, whereby their own interests; of affairs' are highlighted aggressively, portraying clearly that they are deliberately hijacking what is the establishment of authors and writers' alike.

Rather, there should be a clear separation, and music should only be applied if appointed by the theatre companies themselves, as part of their production, rather the musical outlet, saw a open opportunity to deliberately hijack the theatrical arts' with means' of accumulating funds'.

Music should be performed as and on an orchestrated stage of events' in their proper context, and clearly, they are exploiting by means' of money campaigning, authors' of all varied degrees'. I mean, who wants' to see a theatre production, if a musical-hijacking version is on offer.

It is disgraceful that the arts' of orchestrations' can get away with this damned right liability act of stealing from the other theatrical out lettings' of author and play-scriptwriter associations that have been established with well founded links, for historical years of entertainment.

I reserve all rights' of my own obtained commentary of the litigation's act, over my subsequent statements' of true claims' of the liability act that has been miss-used and miss-appropriated by the orchestrated musical industry of arts', with clear etiquette's' of speech, and clear understandings', for people to recognise theft in it's original forms of condition of puppetry.

If audiences across the board boycott the musical-performances', then well established actors', who are famed across the board, will entertain on stages' of effect, of the masses for people who love theatrical arts. Try it and see.

Friday, 14 May 2010

My grandad has links' in tele-communications', B.T to be precise.

And I have a brother in-law in football

Who are we ?
It is without doubt that if immunisations' contain anti-bodies' to all the top viruses', some children will suffer from very extreme side effects'.

This is the case with my own children.

Early Symptoms

. Tongue whitening, with spots',

. Yellow patches, much like yellow fever,

. Peeling of skin around hands' and feet, other-wise known as a mild form of foot and mouth,

. Attacks' much like fits' but without the convulsions', if you are lucky,

. All respiration responses shutting down, when the children are mildly hurt and or panicked,

. Un-usual hypo activeness and or running around

. High pitched screeching', when excited, even if you catch it in its' early stages' and learn how to respond to it the side effects' of multi anti-body injections', are clear and evident

. The cutting of air, producing browning of the eyes' and or red eye effects', of what could appear as shaken baby syndrome, I am assuming on this point.

. Sudden reflect of diarrhea and extreme sickness, can be misunderstood as allergic reactions' to some foods' and or allergies'.

. Sickness in the night without waking. 1. Have to check the children on a continual basis, four, five, six -sometimes' up to ten times' a night.

. If I never caught it, sometimes' it was a very close shot. The children would vomit without waking, this is clearly a un-natural response. They would have died on their own vomit.

. The attacks' leave you shaken, when you react to the attacks', as so to, be quick on your toes' to get cold water reaction and response, to shock the brain into a natural reaction.

. Bluing of the fingers' and toes', red lips' much like the symptoms' you would find in meningitis

. Flat feet, prominent, even if the foot bridge has been recorded from birth, it will appear after the first hits' of the immunisations'.

Later Symptoms

. Strong flu viruses' lasting for weeks' at a time.

. And the continual arousal of these viruses.
. Mumps on a continual basis, throating baring.

. Then they will not remove them, even if you are suffering from extreme cases'


. Because they know that the tonsils' contain strong Bactria that combat the anti-body viruses that they inject in the children. The tonsils' are the hope stones' to fight the anti-bodies'.

. High forehead prominence.

. Sleep walking and confusion

. Talking in the night, without any route cause, most of the time, in the old days' it would have be known as, the language of tongues'. Billable, gobble ,wobble cobble etc etc

. Non focusing issues'.

. Disobedience of extreme natures'.

. Strawberry patches on the skin, much like mild bruising

. Extreme muscular development in girls'.

. Rather the like of ethnic cleansing to create a supreme race of humans'

. Headaches' and migraines

. Nose bleeds' with mucus, most of the time mild.

. Sleepless and disturbed nights', un-natural codes' of waking

. After a continual struggle to keep the children alive and well, the symptoms' subside by the age of five, in the more mild cases' of relational debilitating illnesses' due to the subsequent injections'

. My oldest child, still suffers' from extreme difficulty in breathing when mildly hurt or naturally hurt, playing with friends' etc etc.

. And my youngest of five years', has to be watched on a continual basis, just encase of any further attacks', you just don't know.

. Ear infections' continually

. Lazy eye syndrome

. Waking up with extreme moaning

. Compulsive behaviour in regards' to one particular subject

. And continual, un-natural bed-wetting, without waking

. Dry skin irritation, the like of dermatitis

. Wide pupil dilation

. Extreme stubbornness of fixation, in arguments'. sometimes', lasting hours' at a time, this is un-natural

. Extreme forgetfulness's, in regards' to focusing on directions' and subject of destinations', and with this comes' an automatic switching off from the surrounding environment, rather or otherwise known as , or what the doctors' refer to as, claiming autism-without any directional-links' to anything.........Well here are the links'.

. Disregarding all of the doctors' claims' of autism, my children are interacting and display relatively normal behaviour, because I learnt how to deal with it, or rather the hy-bred viruses' that imposed theses un natural behaviours', I learnt to control, rather then the Doctors' controlling me and or my children.

And yes they tried to kill my kids', why?, because I wasn't co-operative with the C'section, rather I forced into a corner, it was imposed on me, and then after, I fought not to have it, I never had it, and it is documented as Prof that they forced me, rather then I, being co-operative.

The needles' were imposed on me, I fought not to have them, and now I am suffering from on-going back problems' where I can hardly move, at some periods' of time.

So did they do?

Yes they did.

After this, I had a smear test, where they gave me a very large metal probe, of what they jacked up like a car, taking advantage because I was young and without knowledge about, what type of aids' were appropriate for this kind of screening.

. And when the children catch lice, the lice grow to extreme sizes', and colonies, and if you think I am kidding, the last bout of lice my children caught, took a whole year to eradicate.

. This would be an effect of hy-bred blood cleansing of anti-body viruses', of what would have be transmitted straight through the blood to increase the nutrients' of the health of the lice, as this is their main source of substance, so it is only logical to presume, that the strength of blood, is filtered through to strengthen the colonies' of head lice.

This may sound like alot of symptoms', but the injections' contain many different hy-bred bacterial anti-bodies', that infect the babies' before they have a chance to catch any natural bugs' that they are more then likely, able to fight themselves.

The only injections' that are any good, are possibly the BCG and the Rubella, but that is just an assumption, and I am sure that other people have suffered from extreme side-effects' as a result of these too.

If I remember anything else to add to the list, I will be sure to do so.

Oh yes, I hope this helps', for all those who have fallen victim to these crime.

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