Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Graphite taken out of context:

To create a second usage of verbal communicational understandings', via the link into Arabic contextual studies'.

Most of the time I represent myself in legal battles' as for all other matters' they are dealt with  by my Two Mahrams'.

A precaution of effective word usage, in relation to the prosecution team that keep calling me up on every whim of minute spellings of french-connotative word usage.
Maybe, Arabic for graphite compilations'. of graphic standards', editorials' to be hosted by furthering teachers' of repressentations'.
On the authority of my two mahrams' its ready to go out today, it is a compillation of arabic using maths credits of angles', 2rd sounds'by X2 it is a form of arabic writing  that is master-doctorate degree standard readings' and higher. It is non comprehensible for children, though children who learn at excellerated rates' may be able to gain entry to first degree standards', thereafter, this form of writting will host a whole new door to arabic in its original form, can be issued in 3d network as well/.
Algebratic Arabic, there was some mixup, I actually thought that the book had been already given out, ready for study credits'.

The children had scrunched it up in the smallest corner of  one of my units', after scrutifying  cleaning all through Shaban and Ramadan, I dont know how it managed to get caught up in a  under-surface corner of the unit, there  must have been an air-trap in the unit.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Television, basic corresponding film industry, to hault all sexual contents without credits' of a licence to be able to host such shows' in private hosting houses'.

Sky and basic television, mostly host responsible adult themes'.

I was making refference to primark clothing actually, and those tiger suits are too big, cut off age range, unless stated as a reissue for adult themes', is six to seven years'.
Please can I have this request to go out to, Catford, Deptford, Sydenham, and Brockley Rise.

In addition to all the work production that is going to be implimented across international waters', please could I ask that Australia be reconsidered for farming again, as people interferred with my programme of thought processes', whereby they dislodged productivity, in just a recounting of American and British soil programmes , not recognising the full potential of the extensive programmes' that can carry the banner of multi races unilectual ties' of commencings'.

Their farm land is fresh and ready for productivities'.

Please could higher power police networks send out additional papers across on international waters to all work force about the time lapses' and what children maybe at risk of  sexual offenders' and how any children can be protected that may come into their work place and or social and or associational structure of commitments'. Ian Brady, Mira Hindly. Code Name Release: As stated by inter relational calls'.

Streatham High Street

It has been requested that special aid gift sets go out to several public houses along streatham high road, for the children left behind and recounts of  families  and those with lost heritages'.

Under my two mahrams authorisations of conductions'.

Houses' of parlimentry officials', it has been noted that schools do not paticipate in special exemption forms' for children that are able to bring other children into school.

Please can you relieve my child from morning duty, there is half of one hour in the morning before registrations take place, whereby children should be allowed to attend registration periods' any time between the starting period of 8:30 and or 900 hours'. In that time you have made it unreasonable for children who come from direct disabled and or over barring preasures' of extreme  parentage, to be able to exercise their childrens rights for exemption-periods'of allowances'.

Special exemption:


Stated reasons' for morning and or afternoon exemptions':

Parental agreement:

Head-teacher authorisations commitment signiture:

They are ca'nine family.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Mahrams stated that they werent happ with my last blog entry and that I should with drew it. They believe that I am the maradona and that all entries to releases were infact stolen direct from mw, and that is why they have been redireected  to me for rewritting because of a curse that was released upon the  people that took the account without having the knowledges of how to deal with such arising situations'.
A request has been made that I highlight the car-boot sales' industry, for poorer members of society, or the collectors' of self-heritages', which comes under international recognitions' of all kinds of nations'.
Please can I send international regards' of death related circumstance of Neil Armstrong, another well-respected teaching figure, that will be missed through out lands across the globe.
Plea, excuse me.

Friday, 24 August 2012

That the plee was set by over-barring lawyers' who failed to see the full potential of her case file.

Not looking at a natural call for help, but rather, a easy way out of claims associated with mental disorders'.
Bai Bai Shauai

Chinese lady

Suffering from circumstances of mental instabilities'

Having be alone, for along period in time, before starting a new life with a potential spouse, took a dramatic turn for the worse.

Seeing  her life and hard work of considerations to state employments' be taken from her in due course of her pregnancy , she became frantic wih worry about demands to feed other members of her family in china, with bigger sectional boys to support into work programmes'.

Having added pressures of a change in body chemicals and a new spouse creating a new lifestyle, left her feeling destraught at the possibilities of losing all future hope and being a complete failure with continued disputes with her potential husband.

Having to face, a backlog of work, payments', new relationship in older years', a complete change in lifestyle, caused her to fall into ill-repair of circumstance, causing mental illness of tempo-standards' at that time in history, with no minral supports of family networks', without the help of other services' of outreachings', because of over scalling jobs and underpaid managers', the pressures caused her to fall into an attack of  unhealthy lifestyle and added pressures that saw her take medicines' that would bring on a condition that would see her being placed in hospital for additional support, not intending to take her childs life, nor her known.

Bei Bei Shuai, acted upon instinct of natural response in relation to the effects of the pressuring situation.

Causing her irratic behaviours of accounts', that wouldnt have be taken under normal circunstances of putreaching help and availbilities'
I can not work on any cases right now, as I have a scrolling issue.
Constitute, again its' small spelling issues that hardly constitute a disorder rather I am busy to effect.
Tony Farmer A basket-ball player accused of holding his young and youthful girl friend hostage. Defence calls' disagreement of idealisms' of what the word hostage circumstance is defined as. Facts of circumstance Youth love fights Constitutes' of the following outline and or picture Common amoungst love couples in early years Disputes of heated moments' With holding car keys', a normal common address for any disputing couple Sending hate texts and disliked wording after disputes of natures concerning another person who may have instigated partner slang of abuses' A common address amoungst the all couples and youth, hardly constities' a claim to assault of hosting taking. Standing in fromt of the door, not allowing phone usage and or contact, in relation to personal circumstance of an accusation that the man charged with such an account may have been accused his girl friend and or spouse of and or she may have accused him of sexual advances towards other ladies that may have resulted in her claiming to leave him once and for all. Eye contacting and other male behaviours constitute male ego and pride, even to the point of stating to the partner and or spouse with a form of mental annoyance the ability to catch other young attractive ladies attentions'. Rather 90% of spouse related disputes' of this kind end up in the courts of law, rather they are dealt with and usually repaired within two to three days of the dispute taking place, and that the only reason why this came to court, is that another third part from a fellow sponsorship team may have ordered a discredit to tony farmers career. With no previous its hardly a case even for conciderations'. Facts of career deployment tactics to distroy any up and coming sponsored player has been seen time and time again, with women used as chess board players of porn move strikes' against any potential enthusiast to enhancements of lifestyle and credits to rehouse and take family members out of backstreet living and potential drug related up bringings'. Tony Farmer, worked hard to win a place on a all star county team, training since early youth, working hard, with good sound reputation, keeping mostly good company apart from the odd dispute with members of other community basket ball players' who may have fallen into disputes about tactical play and such and such of what is a common nature in team play, I think
If the air assaults against me continue, I will not participate in legal aid services anymore, is it understood, you get yourselves into mess time and time again, then punish any legal aid workers for your misheps', its not happening here, if you strike me once more, I finish me service.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

My methane tap needs to be either reduced in addmissions', it is over loaded with methane and is causing burning sensations in the brain, highly d eadly and can kill all family members, please ensure that my leading mahram gets a brother to do this, I can do it but would rather someone with technical experience to be issued in.
Releasing Mr Kipling, and statistics of work force, and self made millionaire rows' along with other employment schemes for the children with less chance written skill base knowledges', these children are not just brushed under the carpet, with agreements' of my hosting two mahrams'.
It is a clear overthrow by clearance of circumstance under the stated religous and legal binding laws of the land, I dont have to keep stating the same effective written text over and over again, I ahve to leading lahrams to deal with my case files' and havent the time to continue to be at my desk and the race community will have to wait untill september for furthering releases'.
Please can I highlight: Whitechapel musjid Croydon Musjid, small and out of the way, needs investments', situated behind a small set of apartments', within a private road, backing onto a doctors outletting service. Please can I promote, croydon's other musjid behind and at the back of the highstreet, small empty, has a kitchen and two wide rooms for prayer , a small sectional outlet for sisters congregations'. Shoes off. Please can I help restore the reputation of the musjid reknouwn for the hosting of mis-repressented Imams'. Please can I highlight the small musjid situated in a small grove between shops within Brixton market, hardly within sight of eye catching notice. Please can I highlight Brixton's main musjid. Please can I highlight the other not so well-known musjid in lewisham, no one seems to know where this one is, can we have a directional map though the musjids imams' at lewisham musjid. Please can I highlight leyon stone # musjid, situated next to book shops', that retail in arabic narrations and qu'ranic retailing, Please can I highlight chargrill a establishment looking to be a national retailer of food marketing. please can I, Promote the small isolated musjid in birmingham, retailing in islamic educations', boys musjids assciations', and other networks of supportive group activities' of connective freedoms of childhood play areas and schemes of freedoms' from criminalities for the more serious city misconductions'. Please can I highlight tooting musjid, please can I highlight leeds a place for muslim marriages', whereby converts who then renounced their religous faith values and then restored their faith values for devorced and other interested muslim men and women looking for a new start and new life, for a second chance in faith values and serious deen and religous faith value stroing holdings'. Please can I highlight the teddy bear industry factory situated there, to have a 50 % share in charity distributions' for a promotion to highlight employment, creates teddies just as good as disney products'. Its a chairty request made by ill women who dont understand den values', I hope the musjid understand my position in this, that I am impartial and up hold religous faith values, but out of mis-repressentation of what I was here to promote and a cross confussion then its a form of a small compensation to them, and I am annoyed at being placed in such a fragile position, and I hope these factory people and workers understand and appreciate this annoying promotion.
Please can I promote solicitor, lawyer, Dr Tang in soho , for commercial decumentations for real and or immigration papers'
I have two stated mahrams' that handle everything for myself, and that I dont need to keep stating the same issues over and over again. The overthrow has been, and will stay as there isnt another academic, accounting, religous faith adherring, chaste, under the laws of the land, teacher to all standards and abilities', designer, future planner of racial breakdowns, no money earner, charity worker, cleaner, family person and personal trainer, job educator for staff world wide and communicator, religous educator , social outreaching in understandings' feeding the dustbin people and the list goes on.
Prosecution has been explained to that the two virgin holes over throw all rule, the prosecution has been explained to, that I and my family were and have been tracked through the case file of maria hindlY and ian brady, the prosecution know that the absuses suffered were extenal and not penetrational, the prosecution know that the abuses of ian brady and maria hindly can be proved, the prosecution know that we are in secure confinements in relation to the abuses suffered. Nadir, I will overthrow the rule of theft by illegal extortions', bypassing the courts of justice. Race matters can wait.
It is with regret to inform you that the royal family as it stands as no legal barring rights over any equities and or properties and or any legal rights of contests in relation to the overthrow of the regency in relation to I being the sole inheritor of regencies after the conquest of virginity stnadards and under all legal binding rights of heritage the overthrow I, Elizabeth Belhadj, also known as princess - and prince of Queen and Furthering King of England, Britain, and all countries under the previous reins' of holdings that were bypassed in to a tempo-care handling of the french powers of cousins that are now being dismissed of duties . My requests have been made with clear authorties as to where my mahrams stand in relation to myself in previous blog titles', and the heritances have to be returned with clear authorities into the hand of my mahrams chosen carers'
Some of the events can be changed for investments and or insurances in and or with discussions at meetings'. South africa said that they wish for their history with india and the effects on india society, and getting poverty striken childern away from street life and drugs to be highlighted at the events and that its not all about black history, though they will host renewals of films and themes to highlight the continual race plight.
I should imagine that pass rates would be down this year on a international level because of the games'. The games are a reinvestment for failing children with links into thee associations' to get the failing children back into school, thereafter there will be a down turn of grades because these children will be expected not to have any and ort little academic skills coming from deprived backgrouns anyway, for example culumbia.
We will send the games to China for martial arts themes', then straight onto Qater-Dubia for a huge thank you for all the investment ideas and reeducations of youth that are working and not so academic in religous and or other faith values', this will be in line with the lending out of their prince and princess for internal ideas and progressions of cultural understandings'. In line with this, My Prince would then have to agree with my effective ideas'. In line with this, we will host operratics of opra' to console the italian community for the loss of their much loved Pavoro'ti, in all hosting games to highlight this dying tradition as it stands at the moment. Can I please, it has been suggested, send reinburstments to camberwell and Britons main public houses for gifts', for extra support for members that failed at school. sO Why dont I come out and claim what is mine, have you seen all the people that came before me, what happened to their wealth, what happened to their names and reputations and lives', No thank you/......WITH LOVE

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Can I promote sainsbury's for tourism products', tesco's Asda, turkish shops for traditional outlet gifts', pizza take outs' for open air shows', and such and such
Bethnal Green For those that van not get to the top events' a nice shopping market and retail tourism trade. Alongside, greenwhich, and then back to bromley for the opening night of the Maps' Of Ryon. Special preview free addtion tonight for a open air show, contact bromley theatre house. All donations welcome. Can I have a delivery of free donations sent to any public house on the high road of bethnal green for a recount of lost and or left behind children, who are awaiting for recalls and turn ups'.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Special aid gifts to go out to the childrens dpartment kingston hospital, kingston upon thames', gifts to be allocated and redirected to a known nurse who lost her career as a direct consequence of giving birth to disabled children Patsy moore otherwise known as, private information to be kept inwards away fromm public disclosures, to be shared in distributions', of allocated funds', the estate, kingslimpton needs regenerations for children without hope and or change, furthering away from communal and or towns center. Vassel road, would like reinburstments of lost business, or investments', to improve the conditions for poorer members of society, it has been suggested that liverpool football team be brought this area is a fan base for liverpoolians', that have taken a downturn of investments since the loss of their and or failing team. The promotion would their after be the kind transferre of afew major players out of sponsorship untill the club gets back on its feet. It will be a fund raising sponsorship, on a years contract with training for the lower players that have lost skill , agilities, tactics and investments over the years', special contracts of transferres' would be reserved for reinburstments of lost fan #ships and regenerations for the area for the p#children that are less fortunate/
2041 we will take it to greece as a big thank you for the oringinaility of the games with the themes of matadors and such and such traditional curses' with new movie updates, then to spain as a sorry for no water, with an update of our new movie production due to be released in two weeks from now. Then we will see after that, if Allah wills'.
The Titanic will be lent out to all hosting shows'.
Ireland 2032 for irish traditions, and lepricorn tinkerbell stroies', then back to brirtain as a hige merger of all events oversees' 2036 prep 2037 to consider superstitions of other peoples belief systems'. Could we have a split of 50 50, in a round trip to scotland then ireland for the first two weeks in sepotember with a titanic reluanch booking for america 2016, as a part of their loss too. Thank you.
We will have nominated cyprus 2020 olympics, with a mega movie cyclops' and the story of babylonia, with med themes and nodmadic outtletts of tourisms', with historic industerial themes' and islamic progressions of womens rights to reintroduce the hijab and how hosting turkish cyprian people are towards the westen powers in relation and as a repressentative for muslim countries worldwide. Russia 2024 olympics with swan lake as a draft movie, ballet and theatre productional themes' with the icequeen and other movie based productions', we will use the american out lett of shares divide as a base to work from in employment managements and schemes'. as for south africa if they are that hungrey the would all be back to work by now, I think their pulling your leg. I'll get back to south africa prep 2027 hosting 2028, cuts and shares of nelson mandelia and other black influences of bridge ties'. I will give turkish airlines a call now in relation to ian brady and maria hindley case files', and we will work with shares', in how we can make the mega olympics of american shares stem to the other productional outlett bases' for the other
And you cut the cord and cut the family tie and was your intent to do so. Did I phone and visit, when I could.
After all the abuse suffered to just to credit a stupied point, hardly justifies' the laws of detachments of child birth under pressyre of intent as was the point suggested and nothing more then that. As for my children, they will always be mine, and are free tro return to my house if you issue the release.
The schoolls have made a emotional family detachment, so its harder for me, as I wasnt aware of facts about sons and other family members'. I cant sit here forever.
For people that do not have to return to work in september, I would suggest a nice vacation in scotland. Scotland have worked really hard on a public clean to host the tourist trade, this visit will include my latest film release. Film releases come under racial problematics' and are a concept that only arab migrational characters will have a better understanding of the hallal concepts of.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Visiting also, hallal stores' for their kind understandings of circumstance. Prison releases' will start again in september after the events of games and such and such, please do not send in pressures', the lists are long and need thoughtfull considerations'. I will not do releases under any pressure, is it understood.
And then because Peter Jones has been so kind enough to arrange this memory of shared lost relatives', we will be visiting his store ASDA for T shirts and other press links' stating how much we all love Great Britain. With love Khans/Jones/Medan/ and two other members of the association as part shares' and alternational i nvestors'. With many additional thank-yous' in getting the children off the streets, away from other drug affilliational paths of other criminalities'.
P. can you request a visit to the channel four building, a place of artistic inspirations', situated right next door to the fire services', a place for connective memories for those caught in the 9//11 attacks' with love from Britain.
Tooting high street, J R Hallal Butchers', clothing and other beautified cake shops', A mission for James khan autograhs', in stores' five selective signatures can you kind them. With love from Muffied

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Elthem millionaires row, a small to middle sized english house, needs improvements to bring it in line with all other properties', opposite nice adjoining park, needs a old english style cottage look, including roof top adjoinments and paving tiles' to highten appearances'. I would take on as a open project.
Cutting off heads', no, I dont do that, rather thats a reserved job for other personel, rather one shouldnt be a repeater then, should one/
The cutters in hastings', gifts to be sent to friends and associates of dermott cox for the loss of his life and tax examptions due to the circumstance of the ian brady and maria hindley case files. Thank you. Can we have supportive networks rehabillitations and a rehousing for him on my raised funds that some king fund raising has out ASIDE FOR ME IN A RESERVED ACCOUNT FOR THESE PEOPLE AND ASSOCIATES OF THIS UNFORTUNATE CIRUMSTANCE. Can I have love and endearment cards with huggs and lemon and or other flavour of their choice, icecream sent to my sons', my two sets of nephews and a niece. And a big hugg to Vicky for her patience in these and or with this personal family matters'. She must know, we are working hard people not interested in monetry gains', rather religous matters of continual slow practice are more important to us. And that will be three kisses'
Can I put an advert in for the Lord Nelson On union street, they were very kind in offering support and helpful address to I and My family in relation to the Ian Brady Maria Hindley Case files'. Can I have items sent to them for their kind adress, thank you.
Please can I put in a advert for, The shakespere Globe, Big Ben, The Tate Gallery, Covent Garden Market, inner city westend and edgeware road, please can I put in an advert for, The Cut Market. I have been requested through inflitrations of suggestive people to have items sent to associational links as gifts of charities', for families that never relocate. I have been asked to say how nice the fish was in flokestone today, with a special addition hallal menu, for the company of Muffid and family.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Four sons and four daughters', and my islamic studies', can I explain to the islamic world about the race issues that multi cultural people have to deal with in europe and America. That does not mean that muslim women should abuse that network, and take advantage of the situation, they shouldnt be here anyway, its reserved for the male due to work employments' and women seemiong coming here from arabia if from muslim back grounds' are women either looking for men, money and freedoms' that they have no extreme criminal understandings about. Even if they are and pr have prostitutional back grounds', arabia has men left on the shelf to deal with such women, and there is no reason for them to be here, unless they are extreme victims of war, orphans' that have no one or anybody, and or prisoners of war circumstance, and that war shouldnt be used as an excuse to be placed in a country where all the kids are targets for sexual offenders' and money grabbing, partly refugees'
The fans' have blocked my lettering-emails', in hundreds of thousands of letters addressed to me everyday, via my network, so I can not write and or talk about issues to my family in direct contacting mailing systems', unsaid. Thus making love approaches and emotional outreaching more sifficult in a one sided lettering system, that everyone gets to read. Thanks for that, yeah. Two familes, two brothers', a husband and one mother and aunty.
I have been asked to make a request for visits to the black hair stylists on lewisham high road. One is in dire need of funds to support the poorer members of the black commmunity, while the other black community hair shop, is relishing in money funds' of investments', backed up by other more fortunate companies that are self absored. Rio-Ferhdinhan promotes hair styles from the poorer community hair saloon.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Thats' spelt with an i Why are you not working I' m not working because, I am creating a multi trillion pound industry, to support your work force, and feed hundreds of thousands of children worldwide, I am not working because I am trining all of you I am not working because I am acting partizan imam, and participating in all or nearly most religous duties' I' am not working because I have a family to support I am not working because I have to resolve all of your mess. Including writting books' I am not working, all the while washing, cleaning, cooking, looking after home everyday apart from sick and or tired days', and on top of all of that, I have been up against witchcraft, and an invasion of social services' who claim no rights over my family as they, meaning my family are in securty that they even fail to meet criteria folds of educations', and fighting to keep my family. All the while, your Jesus, yeah
White Hall Clothing Outlet, in promotion of: Cultural Indentity Needs' Running special offers' on, school-uniforms', looking to become an International:-American-European-Distributor. Offers' will include, deduction-prices', on good material school clothing, that will last two seasonal years, plus more, can be tailored and repaired to save money and have overall, pocket saving refinements'. Special offers' on the best materials', offer ends' in two days' at closing time. I'm going to visit the store right now.

Friday, 10 August 2012

The corn stocks' in america A dry season, you have to dig into the top soil, some small rooting holes', dig untill you come to small water pockets', from the materials that you have gathered, use your electric pump t and or any other material that fits a similar discription, exract the water, reinbursting the water back into the dry soil, you dont wish to let go of corn-field-stocks'. In that, you then go onto watering the field that will create a vapour into the atmosphere. This will cause gathering clouds' with immmidiate effect, that will then go on to producing rainfall. In that, you have to reserve as much rain fall through all resourses' of any materials that match container shapes', that will see you through further dry spells' and or periods' in the future. Can I please rearrange my thoughts' on the outback, as they have a vast gay population that can cause pollutants of blo'tonic plague outbreaks'.
My brothe said he wold like to make a round trip to state schools' and other schools alike, with gifts of football related and signing materials for the youth. But firs. needs a to be reinbursted, meaning. playing for England would require new packages of these items in donational packs in exchange for signature signings'.
I have been away from my desk due to religous duties of fasting, reading Quraan' and praying late night sunnah prayers'. I had a small blip. I prayed layla til qaddar on the 20th, fast-tacking the suret' and prayer, why?, answer please? Is there one reason or two, its' not an innovation rather, it is because of the peoples' reaction to dates and other craft magical related subjects'. So to counter act them I used the quraan as a accounting system. I prayed last night, the start of the time scale of layla til qaddar, and will continue through untill the 27th. Each odd date repressents', a renewal of the bidda and innovations of the peoples' to date. Its' not harram bacause it counter acts' the massive oppressive harms used in magical circles to date. Though should only be used in extreme circumstanes', also been working on, jinn infestations', healing the sick, by force, not to mention pushing their way in, protections for those with stammers' and other quranic medicines for the sick, muslims first.

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